Crew Heads Meet to Discuss the Complexities of Matilda’s Production


Haileigh Steffen

Student Crew Heads meet to discuss the production of City High’s upcoming musical, Matilda

Noah Pavelich and Haileigh Steffen

Costumes. Set. Makeup. Lights. Sound.

There are a lot of components that go into a theatre production. With a little over 8 weeks until City High’s Matilda production, careful production preparation and organization is at the forefront of Crew Head’s minds.

Despite the gloomy day, the productive after school Matilda Crew meeting was nothing but.

Costumes talked about how the different characters will be distinguishable from each other and how they are going to get all of the costumes. Construction focused on how to make the theater come to life with large set pieces, and how to distinguish the different scenes from each other. Hair and makeup went over how to do quick changes and how to change a character’s hair mid-show. Lights were next and everything from projecting to lighting up a house was talked about with a possibility of 16 to 24 moving lights.

And this is just the tip of the production discussion. Props, sound, publicity, makeup, and house manager all had something to say. The ideas and discussion of the Crew Heads and teacher directors were recorded by Lily VanderLinden ‘21 on a shared document.

“Matilda will be a technological marvel and one of the most complex set City High has done,” Rich Burke, the master carpenter of the show said.