Interact Club Raises Over $500 for Charity


Paris Fuller, News Editor

Interact Club raised over $500 for charity through the “matchomatics” survey by having students take a survey and then paying $3 for the results. 

On February 20th at 4:30 at the Marriott volunteers plan to team up for the “souper bowl” which serves over 40 different soups donated by restaurants in which people pay $25 to eat soup. This is an annual event that raises money for victims of intimate partner abuse, human trafficking, stalking and harassment for eight Southeastern Iowa counties.

“I think it’s a really good cause and they need more volunteers, it’s a good chance for anyone to help their community and have an impact on people’s lives.” Says Shelby Caldwell ‘21.

Members then made plans for Tampon Tuesday. They usually donate the tampons and pads to the Crisis Center but that can be difficult says Melanie Tran-Duong ‘21.

“Sometimes they’re reluctant to take individual tampons and pads so I was thinking we could use the money to buy big packages of tampons and pads and just donate those,” Tran-Duong said.

Members also talked about the bake sale that goes along with Tampon Tuesday and the need for more people to step forward and bake more goods to sell.

“I bake most of the treats and sometimes it’s a lot for me to do,” Tran-Duong said.