City High Debate Succeeds at Michigan Tournament

Rhys Holman, Executive Website Editor

City High debate had another positive performance recently at the Michigan tournament.

“We did fairly well in Michigan; we didn’t win it, but it was a larger pool with very challenging opponents from a number of states,” said Ellis Chen ‘20.

The team went 6-1 in the preliminary rounds and went to an elimination bracket where they faced off with the number two team in the country.

“I thought we did pretty well. I was hoping that we could actually beat the number two team but you can’t win them all,” said Chen. “I’m sure that next time we hit them we might have a better chance of winning.”

City High debate is optimistic about the future and are looking to improve going into future tournaments.

“We’re relying on more research, more drills, more practice, more fundamentals. Going back to basics a little bit going forward will help us improve,” said Simon Weiss ‘20.