Interact Club Brainstorms Ideas for Tampon Tuesday


Paris Fuller, News Editor

Interact Club brainstorms new ideas for Tampon Tuesday as well as other activities for the future. 

One of those activities is the annual Doc Dash 5K race/walk that takes a route through the hospital campus. It is a 30-year tradition supported by the Carver College of Medicine and will take place this year at 9 AM on March 28th. They donate all proceeds to the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic and the University of Iowa Mobile Clinic.

“It’s a good cause and really needs more volunteers.” Said Alex Marsh ‘20

Another cause that came up was Tampon Tuesday. Interact sells baked treats for a dollar or a feminine hygiene product that they keep for the school or donate to the Crisis Center. The club is still looking for more people to bake but also how much of the products they are going to keep for the school and how much they are going to donate to the shelter.

“Sometimes they are reluctant to take single products and prefer the boxes so we could use the money we get to buy boxes and donate those.” Said Melaine Tran-Duong ‘21.

The time ended with everyone writing cards to immigrants at the border. They used stickers and markers to decorate the notes that had supportive phrases in Spanish.

“In our Spanish 5 class we wrote cards for a Spanish substitute, she goes to the border and brings supplies to the people there and we asked what we could do to help and besides donating products she thought we could make cards. Just uplifting cards to bring them hope while they’re struggling.” Said Alex Marsh ‘20.