Culinary Club Presidents Bakes Over the Quarantine

Haileigh Steffen, Reporter

What to do?… oh! What to do!? The coronavirus has created bushels of questions for students. None more pressing (for some) than how to occupy the endless hours while socially distancing. Ana Laura Leyser ‘22, however, has answered the mystery of time-occupation quite elegantly with a simple flick of flour and a large spoonful of sugar: baking.

Jake Roth ‘22 is the City High Culinary Club joint president with Leyser, a club that hosts around 15-20 students with varying skill levels. Roth, like Leyser, has been keeping busy baking. Unlike Leyser’s range of dessert dishes, Roth has narrowed down on a few cookie recipes he enjoys baking, with the assortment containing such things as chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, pumpkin bars and monster cookies. 

Monster cookies, Roth reports, are his favorite to make. Roth stresses the importance of baking things that you have fun making, especially during the wake of pandemic. 

“If people like baking, then it is a good way to do something fun,” Roth said, “and to take a break from whatever you are doing if you’re anxious. And if you’re bored and you can’t get yourself to do something, you can have a lot of fun baking.”   

Leyser adds that baking over the quarantine is beneficial not only for your mind, but also for your body. She states that many baked goods have ingredients with unknown effects. She adds that Culinary Club does not always bake things that are sugar filled. Rather, Culinary Club covers a wide range of recipes for students. 

“I personally really like to demonstrate [how to make] healthy things,” Leyser said, “I feel like just being informed on how to make some of those recipes at home is important for your health. Plus, you don’t have to buy things that you don’t know what goes into it.” 

The two presidents have noticed that many students are turning to baking during the pandemic. So much in fact that to make their expertise available, Leyser and Roth are planning a possible Instagram live stream to answer any culinary related questions and to host a “cooking session”.