What’s Going on with Prom


Paris Fuller, News Editor

This year, the magic of prom has been put on hold. The theme was supposed to be Casino Royale. The night would have been May 2. Instead of celebrating with friends, students will be staying at home with their families.

“I was really looking forward to this. I had my dress picked out and I knew who I wanted to go with so it’s just frustrating.” Shelby Caldwell ‘21 said.

As of now, there are no plans in the works to make up prom according to Ms.Gibbins.

“There is no plan for an alternative prom. There may be an Instagram effort for students to post photos of what they would have worn,” Gibbins said. “We will lose money not having Prom [because of ticket sales], but of course, the expenses for the venue, DJ, mementos, food, [and] drinks will not be a cost for us. We have a significant cushion of money from past events, so we should be okay. Our major source of revenue does come from dances, so this will affect us over the next year.”

The district, however, is still discussing options for students and planning ahead to graduation.

“We are committed to providing the best graduation ceremony we can, but not sure about prom. Stay tuned for information on this one.” Bacon said.

This was supposed to be the last prom for the senior class of 2020. Senior Class President Mira Bohannan Kumar ‘20 was supposed to help organize prom through the student senate.

“I think this impacts the current senior class a great deal. All of us are missing out on the things we might have been looking forward to this year. Additionally, there are many students who no longer have as certain of access to food and other important resources on a daily basis. I’m glad the district has chosen to continue providing meals for this reason. Everyone deserves to live a safe and healthy life with their basic needs met. I’m hoping that each and every member of the senior class is doing that,” Bohannan Kumar said.

With the changes directly affecting this year’s upperclassmen, next year’s prom is also unknown.

“I’m not sure how this will impact next year’s prom. It really depends on what happens between now and then. As of now, I believe that our prom venue reservation is still on for next year,” Bohannan Kumar said.