City High Mock Trial Holds First Virtual Meeting


Callista Robertson

Alice Boerner reunites with her team over Zoom.

Sophia Wagner, A&E Editor

Faces glitched into place Friday morning as students and coaches joined the first meeting of the mock trial season. Like many clubs and classes at the moment, mock trial met over Zoom. This online format, however, did not stop the committed members from feeling the excitement they tend to associate with the beginning of the season. 

“I’m just excited to get the team back together and start working on a case, because I miss everybody. With our season getting cut short last year, I’m especially excited to get back into the swing of things,” Alice Boerner ‘22 said. 

As soon as the meeting started, it was clear to see a shift in the way mock trial would be held. Members were soon divided into their teams and separated into breakout rooms to discuss their individual goals for the 2020 school year. Jason Schumann, a teacher at City and a coach for Mock Trial, addressed the rough end to the amazing 2019 season, in which three of the City High teams qualified for the state tournament – but COVID put an early end to the competition.

“It is hard not to think back about what might have been,” he said. “But the group this year is hungry and motivated because we know we have some unfinished business.” 

Schumann remains positive about the upcoming year, knowing that the commitment of the teams will aid in providing for a successful season. And, he pointed out, it doesn’t hurt to have two of City High’s state-qualifying teams from last year have every student returning.

“I am excited about our potential this year,” he said. “We are going to be formidable regardless of whether we are competing in person in a real courtroom or in a virtual zoom courtroom.”

Boerner, who looks back fondly upon making it to state last year, says her favorite part of being in mock trial is the community. However, the payoff that comes with making a good objection, or finally nailing a closing statement, comes in a close second. 

“I definitely think we’ll be able to keep the team dynamic this year, and we’re all super excited, no matter what competition season may look like,” she said. “I have faith in us, and I know even if we don’t get to compete, we’ll come back better and stronger next year.”