Prom 2021 Update


Emme Perencevich

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Shoshie Hemley, News Editor

Because of the pandemic, both the classes of ‘20 and ‘21 missed out on Prom last year, which was supposed to be a “Casino Royale” theme. This year, there will be a COVID-19 friendly version of Prom on Bates field with a few adjustments.

“I do believe this will still be a very special, extremely fun event. We are lining up lots of wonderful free food from food trucks, incredible prizes to be raffled off, and really fun activities. Because of the no dancing allowed, we are working even harder to make sure we are providing lots of fun activities,” City High Principal John Bacon said in an email to the upperclassmen. 

 “Bash on Bates” will be a City High juniors and seniors only event. While it was originally planned to be seniors only, the ICCSD mandated every school to have some version of a Prom for both seniors and juniors. No dates from other schools or underclassmen will be allowed in. The event will be free, however, it will be monitored the way a football game is in order to make sure only approved students are attending. Due to Johnson County Health Guidelines, if there was a dance, then if one single case of COVID-19 came out of the dance, every student attending would have to quarantine. Because of these guidelines, there will be no dance floor, but there will be music, food trucks, a photo booth, and other outdoor activities. The goal is an alternative way to honor the upperclassman of this year.

“We are really just wanting the juniors and the seniors especially to have the best experience,” Student Senate advisor Melanie Gibbens said. “We are working with parents and really want to pull this off, and just have an enjoyable, great celebration for our seniors.”

Bash on Bates will take place on May 8th 7-10 pm, rain or shine at Bates Field.