Music and Visual Arts Showcased at Arts Fest

Araminta Siegling, Culture Editor

On May 25th, City High students and family members gathered in the new gym and lobby to celebrate the arts amongst a pandemic. In most years, there would be three art shows a year, but this year there was one with art from all trimesters. There were performances from many different musical programs at City High, including 4th Ave Jazz Co., and Show Choir. In an unusual year without opportunities to publicly display and talk about student’s artistic creations; art teacher Dan Peterson was grateful that City High could host this celebration for it’s arts programs.


“The kids worked really hard on this, and it’s a year that kids really needed art. I am seeing a lot more parents here, and more students selling their work,” Peterson said. 


Many students chose to sell their artwork at the show, which was bought by students and parents alike. With many students still in online classes, there was  a concentration of art from only in-person classes. Scout Wyckoff, ‘21 had several pieces in the show, and noticed the absence of the students participating in virtual learning. 


“Despite this being an art show for all trimesters, there is a lot less work.” Wyckoff reflected on her experience showing and selling her work in this year’s show.


The event lasted from 5 to 8, with performances and food trucks. To close the year, City High has another arts related event, which is the Film Fest on Friday in Opstad Auditorium.