Between the Pylons: Fantasy Football Breakdown for Week 3


Jacob Williamson

Between the Pylons is a Fantasy Football advice and analysis show.

Hello everyone. The voices behind this column and our podcasts are Ben Horwitz, Aaron Stalkfleet and Jacob Williamson. We are current seniors, and involved in various things (and sports) at City. Our shared love of football and aggressive competitiveness is what initially inspired this column. Each week we plan to put out a different fantasy football prediction/analysis for the next NFL week. We appreciate your support and will be competing to see who has the best analysis.


This week we are doing a Boom/Bust analysis. We randomly picked the players below for this week’s games, and we each got to predict whether we think they will go above(Boom) or below(Bust) their ESPN fantasy projections. We each pick two players from each position group. We make picks based on matchups, personal opinion, and player projection. After the first week, we will be keeping track of our personal records of our predictions throughout the season. 


This weeks (3) possible choices:

(All based on ESPN projections)


QB Dak Prescott 19.4 pts

QB Russell Wilson 26.0 pts 

QB Joe Burrow 15.1 pts

QB Ryan Tannehill  17.0 pts


RB David Montgomery 14.8 pts

RB Dalvin Cook 22.7 pts

RB Antonio Gibson 14.6 pts

RB Jonathon Taylor 16.7 pts


WR Courtland Sutton 14.5 pts

WR Mike Williams 14.9 pts

WR Adam Thielen 15.3 pts
WR Allen Robinson 15.2 pts


TE Mike Gesicki 7.8 pts

TE Robert Tonyan 8.9 pts 

TE Rob Gronkowski 12.2 pts

TE Logan Thomas 10.0 pts




Aaron’s Picks week 3

(Total Record 6-5)

Great week for me last week (week 2) going 5-2. Missed hurts by 0.2 points and Carson by 2.2. Could very easily have gone 7-0. Record improves to 6-5 and just over .500 mark.


QB Ryan Tannehill 17.0 pts – BOOM

Ryan Tannehill through two weeks has failed to reach the mark of his projection for this week. The Titans rallied to beat the Seahawks and although Derek Henry went crazy, Tannehill and that Titan offense were partly responsible as well. I like the trajectory of Tannehill and the Titans and I think a boom vs the Colts this week is a pretty good bet. 


QB Russell Wilson 26.0 pts – BOOM

Russell Wilson first two week point totals have consisted of 27.06 and 23.32. This week, they face a Vikings team who likes to run up and down the field. I expect a lot of passing in this game and for it to be a real shootout. Now, it’s always tough projecting over and unders when you’re talking 25+ points but Russell Wilson should be able to get it done. 


RB Antonio Gibson 14.6 pts – BUST

Gibson’s season should be characterized as interesting. He’s rushed for 90 and 69 yards respectively through two weeks but has failed to reach the endzone. This week, the Washington Football Team squares off against a stingy Buffalo Defense. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Gibson reach the end zone but only accumulate 30-40 rushing yards. Therefore, I have him busting the 14.6 mark. It will be close though. I will also say that he is on my fantasy team and I have elected to not start him.


RB David Montgomery 14.8 pts – BUST

The Browns Defense has held Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Mark Ingram to 43 and 41 yards respectively to start the season. Unless Montgomery breaks one Sunday, I expect a Bust with high confidence being associated with this selection. 


WR Mike Williams 14.9 pts – BOOM

Mike Williams has scored 22+ points in each of his opening two games to start his 2021 campaign. Unless Keenan Allen takes his yards this week, which is always a possibility when you have two star receivers, Williams should take advantage of the Chiefs Secondary. Also, the Chargers will find more success passing the ball on Sunday and frankly, they will need to in order to stay with the Chiefs.  


WR Allen Robinson 15.2 pts – BOOM

With Montgomery being projected to bust, it’s only right for Robinson’s projection to Boom. I think the Bears find more success passing the ball Sunday against the Browns and Robinson finds himself in the 50-70 yard range with a TD to his name. 


TE Rob Gronkowski 12.2 pts – BOOM

Gronk has put up a total of roughly 48 points to start the season. Averaging 24, his projection is half of that. The Rams defense will allow for more of a challenge, however, but I still think Gronk can boom his projection. This selection is of low confidence. It depends on the Rams themselves and not so much the Bucs as pure targets shouldn’t be an issue. 


TE Logan Thomas 10.0 pts – BUST

As with Gronk’s selection being of lower confidence, this selection of Thomas busting is too. The Bills defense is one of the better ones in the league and it’s always hard to make the connection that any good defense can defend and stop one player; whether they’re good or not. You would think Thomas gets some attention Sunday but I dont think it’s enough to go over the 10.0 pt mark. I’ll look for future consideration of Thomas booming when he’s selected as one of our 16 players again in the future, but for now, consider him low volume.




Jacob’s Picks week 3

(Total Record 3-8)

Definitely a better week for me this week, just barely squeaked by with the hurts pick as he put up 21.8pts. Definitely looking forward to this week as we are now getting a better idea of how these players are going to play.


QB Dak Prescott 19.4 pts – BOOM

Dak Prescott has been on an absolute tear to start off the season so far to say the least. Many people expected improvement from the Cowboys QB but the improvement people are seeing is above expectation. Definitely expect Prescott to tear it up this week against the NFC east rivals in the Philadelphia Eagles.


QB Russell Wilson 26.0 pts – BOOM

Russell Wilson has scored a combined 50 pts in his first two games. This week he is facing a Vikings team who has been anything but good to start off the year. Pete Carrol will have nothing bad to say about his QB this week as you can expect big things from the Super Bowl Champ.


RB Antonio Gibson 14.6 pts – BUST

Many have been high on Gibson heading into the year just because of the sheer volume that he will get. Unfortunately he hasn’t seen the endzone much to start the year, and by that I mean he hasn’t seen it once. Until Gibson can reach the endzone multiple times I just can’t see him scoring more than 12 points a game. 


RB Dalvin Cook 22.7 – BOOM

To say that Cook is a big part of the Vikings offensive scheme would be an understatement. Cook is arguably the best back in football, so when you have a guy who is extremely talented and has a knack for the endzone. It would seem impossible to not have him booming this week, especially against the Seahawks who just allowed Derrick Henry, another top running back in the league, to drop a nice 48 pts.


WR Adam Thielen 15.3 pts – BOOM

This was definitely a harder pick for me to make here, but with how well Thielen has been playing this year and especially against a lackluster secondary like the Seahawks. You should expect Thielen to get plenty of touches this week and maybe even a touchdown or two.  


WR Mike Williams 14.9 pts – BOOM

This man has been tearing it up, having scored a wapping 44 pts over the last two games combined, expect him to continue to flourish. The Chargers will be playing the Chiefs this week but the Chiefs aren’t known for their defense. Being one of if not the top target for one of the most electrifying young QBs in the league gives Williams a lot of promise going forward. 


TE Robert Tonyan 8.9 pts – BUST

Yes I might be a Packers fan but let’s be realistic here. Tonyan is a touchdown dependent player, and only got 3 total targets last week. Unless Tonyan starts seeing more targets, he will continue to be one of the most unreliable Tight Ends you can have.


TE Mike Gesicki 7.8 pts – BUST

Yes Gesicki is an underrated player, but when you have your starting quarterback injured its just very hard to see him getting any volume right now. The Dolphins now are in a spot that nobody wants to be in, and if you happen to have this guy in the mix for your starting lineup,  you’re in the same spot. 




Ben’s Picks week 3

(Total Record 9-2)

Once again, best record of the week. My prediction record is at a solid 9-2, and once again I look to continue that with a tougher batch of players. Hopefully Jacob can pick it up so we can stop embarrassing him.  


QB Dak Prescott 19.4 pts – BOOM

Dak and the Cowboys look to improve to 2-1 on Monday night vs. a stout Eagles defense. However, they have not played an impressive offense yet and I project this conference rivalry game to be high scoring. Hopefully Dak can redeem himself from last week’s performance and have a game similar to week one against Tampa Bay where he reached 27.42 pts.


QB Joe Burrow 15.1 ptsBOOM

This is my boldest pick, but I am sticking with it. The Steelers defense has been solid so far this year, especially in week one against former MVP candidate Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Last week, Burrow barely reached 10 pts, but I have faith. If the Bengals can get rolling on Sunday, Burrow can reach his low projection.


RB Antonio Gibson 14.6 pts – BUST

With Gibson, I have to take the safe pick. He has been a let down to fantasy owners so far this season, and I just don’t see him having his way against the Bills. They have allowed the 3rd least fantasy points to RB’s this season, and with Gibson’s role in Washington’s offense so far, It will be hard to surpass his projection of 14.6 pts.


RB Jonathon Taylor 16.7 pts – BOOM

It might be ambitious, but I have Taylor on the Boom list this week. The Titans gave up two TD’s to Chris Carson against the Seahawks in week 2, and Taylor and the Colts have an even better matchup for the run game. Taylor has had an underwhelming start to his sophomore season, but with Carson Wentz nursing sprained ankles, he will hopefully be the centerpiece of a struggling Colts offense. Hopefully he can recreate one of his performances from the final weeks of the 2020 season where he had multiple 100 yard rushing games in a row.


WR Courtland Sutton 14.5 pts – BOOM

Call me biased as a Broncos fan, but I see Sutton as a must start against the Jets. To say the Jets have been struggling is an understatement, especially on offense. Although their defense has been fine I still expect the Broncos offense to have a big week in their first home game of the 2021 season. Last week Sutton saw career highs with 9 catches racking up 159 yards. He most likely won’t reach that high of a mark in back to back weeks, but if he can find the end zone he will most likely surpass 14.5 pts.


WR Adam Thielen 15.3 pts – BUST

Again, one of the more bold takes for the week, is Adam Thielen on the under. He has seen great production in each of the first games of the season and you would think he would also have a field day against a lackluster Seahawks defense. Unfortunately, he is on the same offense as Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson. I think Cook controls the game, and when the Vikings do throw I see this as Jefferson’s game to take. It is very possible he comes in right near his 15.3 projection.


TE Rob Gronkowski 12.2 pts – BOOM

Gronkowski has been the #2 TE in fantasy football through two weeks, and I see no signs of that stopping. Until someone puts the Bucs offense in a rough situation Gronkowski is a must start in my eyes. He has grabbed two TD’s in each of his teams first games, something only two other TE’s have done in NFL history. He looks to continue to be Tom Brady’s favorite target in the most productive fantasy football offense based on points this year. However, the Rams do have in my opinion the best defense in the NFL. If they play to their gameplan, we could see Gronk come in well under projection.


TE Logan Thomas 10.0 pts – BUST

I want to bet on Thomas, but my gut says no. He looked to move into the upper-echelon range of TE’s this season, but has not shown that in the first two games. He did grab a TD in week 1, but through two games he only has 75 receiving yards on 8 receptions. That is not very encouraging on what has been a struggling offense so far in Washington. The Bills have had a stingy defense so far and I don’t see Washington succeeding offensively.