ICCSD Clinics Provide Vaccines to Children Age 5-11

Frances Bottorff and Isaac Bullwinkle

On November 3rd, the Iowa City Community School District announced that they would be holding vaccination clinics for children ages 5-11 years old. Although this effort primarily included elementary school staff and students, City High nurse Suzanne Wilkes was one of the many that administered vaccines to students. 

The Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) is the organization that is running the vaccine clinics. According to the District’s website the clinics are also offering the flu shot, and pneumonia vaccine (available on request). 

Angie Dean, City High’s other school nurse, detailed the process of receiving the vaccine in clinic. 

“[Children] can walk in but a parent has to be there and there is a form that they have to fill out. They can fill [the form] out ahead of time and make the process go a little faster. It’s like a flu shot clinic” 

For those without insurance or on Medicaid, the vaccines will be given free of charge.