Between the Pylons: Fantasy Football Breakdown for Week 14


Jacob Williamson

Between the Pylons is a Fantasy Football advice and analysis show.


Hello everyone. The voices behind this column and our podcasts are Ben Horwitz, Aaron Stalkfleet and Jacob Williamson. We are current seniors and involved in various things (and sports) at City. Our shared love of football and aggressive competitiveness is what initially inspired this column. Each week we plan to put out a different fantasy football prediction/analysis for the next NFL week. We appreciate your support and will be competing to see who has the best analysis.


This week we are doing a Boom/Bust analysis. We randomly pick the players below for this week’s games, and we each get to predict whether we think they will go above (Boom) or below (Bust) their ESPN fantasy projections. We each pick two players from each position group. We make picks based on matchups, personal opinions, and player projection. After the first week, we will be keeping track of our personal records of our predictions throughout the season. 



Ben: 46-42 

Jacob: 43-45

Aaron: 43-47 


This weeks (14) possible choices:

(All based on ESPN projections)


QB Taysom Hill 21.3 pts @ NYJ

QB Dak Prescott 20.0 pts @ WSH

QB Joe Burrow 16.8 pts vs SF
QB Russell Wilson 16.7 pts @ HOU

RB Aaron Jones 17.1 pts vs CHI

RB Antonio Gibson 14.9 pts vs DAL

RB David Montgomery 13.9 pts @ GB

RB Javonte Williams 13.4 pts vs DET


WR Davante Adams 19.2 pts vs CHI

WR Chris Godwin 16.1 pts vs BUF
WR Ceedee Lamb 16.1 pts @ WSH
WR Hunter Renfrow 14.2 pts @ KC


TE George Kittle 14.2 pts @ CIN

TE Kyle Pitts 10.3 pts @ CAR

TE Tyler Higbee 9.7 pts @ ARI

TE Austin Hooper 9.2 pts vs BAL




Jacob’s Picks Week 14

(Total Record 43-45) 

After having a pretty solid week last week and now sitting right around .500. I’m feeling very good about this week’s picks and matchups. As the race for first place in our standings gets tighter as the year goes on, I am growing more confident each week  I’ll be sitting at the top of our rankings by the end of the season.


QB Dak Prescott 20.0 pts @ WSH – BOOM

After coming off a lackluster performance offensively last week against the Saints. I expect Prescott and the Cowboys offense to be back and rolling as they face a divisional rival in the Washington Football Team.


QB Joe Burrow 16.8 pts vs SF – BOOM

This pick is of lesser confidence this week due to the fact of an injury Burrow suffered last week against the Chargers. Having dislocated his pinky late in the game, Burrow seemed to have been in lots of pain just throwing the ball. It’s going to be interesting to say the least, as to how Burrow’s hand affects him this week, and how the Bengals will game plan against the 49ers. With that being said Burrow has been having a solid comeback season so far, and I think he manages to go over his point total this week.


RB Aaron Jones 17.1 pts vs CHI – BUST

After coming back from injury, Jones hasn’t been considered the clear-cut number one back for the Packers. His teammate, AJ Dillon, has been having himself a breakout year. The Packers are looking to continue to make him a part of this offense both in the passing and running game. Due to both Jones and Dillon getting reps as the lead back, it’s going to be hard to say from here on out as to who is going to be more involved in the offense. Because of this, I just don’t see Jones having as big of an impact in this game due to the share in carries, thus affecting his point total.


RB Antonio Gibson 14.9 pts vs DAL – BOOM

Over the past two weeks, Gibson has been a major factor in the WFT’s success. Having scored 22 plus points over the past two weeks while having over 20 carries a game is a massive upside for any fantasy owner. Due to the amount of volume Gibson has been getting recently, I see no reason as to why Gibson shouldn’t boom this week.


WR Davante Adams 19.2 pts vs CHI – BOOM


Being arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL also allows for some pretty high expectations on performances every week. Davante Adams has been electric this year and continues to perform at an elite level every week. Although the Bears were able to hold Davante to only 12 points in their last appearance, Fantasy owners should expect nothing less than a solid week from Adams as he faces a divisional rival this week. 


WR Ceedee Lamb 16.1 pts @ WSH – BOOM

With having Prescott booming this week, it would only be right to give his top target a boom as well. Having scored 19 points against one of the better defenses in the League with the Saints, Lamb is poised for another solid week against the WFT.


TE George Kittle 14.2 pts @ CIN – BOOM

Kittle came off of arguably his best performance offensively with scoring 39.6 fantasy points. Obviously, the Bengals are going to try and do everything they can to slow down Kittle this week. With that being said Kittle might not necessarily have another 39 point week in fantasy but he should go over in his point total this week. 


TE Tyler Higbee 9.7 pts @ ARI – BUST

This is yet again another tough tight-end pick for me to make solely due to his projection. Higbee has been right around 9 points every week most of the season, but with that being said consistency as far as going over his projection has been an issue. Due to this, I have him busting this week, but this is definitely a lower confidence pick.




Ben’s Picks Week 14

(Total Record 46-42) 

Finally. I was able to grab an 00unlucky 6-2 record last week, as we missed Jonathon Taylor by a ridiculous 0.1 pts. Unfortunately, both Aaron and Jacob had good predictions as well, which means we have to keep it up. I look to do even better than last week, hopefully even grab an 8-0 record!


QB Joe Burrow 16.8 pts vs SF – BUST

Burrow has emerged as a young star QB after a torn ACL in his rookie year. The former #1 overall pick has turned the Bengals into a playoff team after they finished with the 5th worst record in the league. Unfortunately, he is not the best fantasy QB, and I don’t see him booming this week. San Francisco is a solid defensive team, and if anyone on the Bengals team booms I think RB Joe Mixon has the best shot. 


QB Russell Wilson 16.7 pts @ HOU – BOOM
Ever since he had finger surgery early on in the season, Russ has not been the same. He misses open men, receivers aren’t open, it is a total disaster. However, I am hopeful for the Seahawks this week. Coming off a win against the 49ers I see them hopefully grabbing an easy win against the Texans. Russ will have every opportunity to throw the ball downfield and his low projection looks too good to be true. He needs to prove he is still an elite QB, and this is his best shot. 

RB Antonio Gibson 14.9 pts vs DAL – BOOM

Fans have been waiting for Gibson to show flashes of his former self all season, and he finally broke out in the past few weeks. He is now 5th in the league in rushing yards and has taken up a bell-cow role in Washington’s offense. I think that it will be a gritty game against their division rivals the Cowboys, which leaves a perfect opportunity for Gibson. He has looked great, and I hope he keeps up this run of good performances.


RB Javonte Williams 13.4 pts vs DET – BOOM

Feed Javonte Williams. He proved his worth last Sunday as he single-handedly kept the Broncos in the game on Sunday Night Football. His main fantasy deterrent is that he shares carries, but with Melvin Gordon coming off an injury and his great performance last week it will be hard for the Broncos to keep him off the field. Against a one-win Lions team at home, I think he can easily break 100 rush yards for the second week in a row. His passing threat makes him an asset as well, put him in your lineup with confidence. 


WR Davante Adams 19.2 pts vs CHI – BOOM

I refuse to bet against Davante Adams. He is consistently putting up points week after week, which is expected as he bears the title of the best receiver in the league. With Aaron Rodgers in at QB, there is no doubt that he will get the volume, and if he can find the end zone 18 points is very manageable. They love to run up the score against the Bears, and that means more time for Rodgers to push the ball downfield and look for Davante. 


WR Hunter Renfrow 14.2 pts @ KC – BUST

Although Renfrow has been surprisingly solid this year, I can’t give him the boom. Physically, he should not be on that field, but he makes up for that with his intelligence and game awareness. QB Derek Carr loves to feed him the ball, and with good route-running, Renfrow is open more than not. He also adds solid yards after catch opportunities, which against the Chiefs is appealing. However, I picture a blowout win for the Chiefs, and I think Renfrow comes in around 10 points. 


TE Kyle Pitts 10.3 pts @ CAR – BUST

Pitts is such a hard person to predict. He has the talent to boom every week, but he doesn’t as often as he should. He has only done so 3 times the entire season, and I can’t bet on that. This is a low confidence pick, but I just don’t see him getting in the end zone and breaking 10 points. 


TE Tyler Higbee 9.7 pts @ ARI – BUST

Higbee goes up against one of the best defenses in the league in Arizona, something that always means bad things for any tight end. I think they look to find Cooper Kupp when they can, and Stafford has not given Higbee much volume in his previous games. I think he comes in around 5 points. If you have the choice, I would sit Higbee. 




Aaron’s Picks Week 14

(Total Record 43-47)

7-0 last week boosting my record to 43-47. This was exactly what I needed to get back into contention with Ben and Jacob. Hopefully, I can follow up one stellar week with another one. 


QB Taysom Hill 21.3 pts @ NYJ – BUST

This is going to be really close. Taysom scored 24.6 last week against the Cowboys in his first start of the season. He had 264 yards passing, 101 yards rushing, and two total TDs. I’m not sure he can repeat that stat of rushing for over 100 yards which was a big part in him booming last week. Furthermore, I think with Alvin Kamara supposedly coming back, Taysom’s load is less. I think the focus of this game vs the Jets from the Saints perspective will be trying to get Alvin back on his feet. Because of all of those reasons, Taysom barely busts his 21.3 point projection, but it could truly go either way. This selection is of lower confidence. 


QB Dak Prescott 20.0 pts @ WSH – BOOM

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys square off with division rival Washington Football Team this weekend. One thing to note about this WFT is that their secondary is one of the worst in football. I think a big emphasis for the Cowboys offense led by Kellen Moore will be to air the ball down the field. In any case, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb should be enough to help Dak eclipse the 20.0 pt mark this week and I think it’s a sure bet that Dak booms. 


RB David Montgomery 13.9 pts @ GB – BOOM

This is an interesting selection for me. David Montgomery, unfortunately, has shown up on the injury report this week with a multitude of injuries. It has been reported that he has been dealing with a shoulder, groin, and glute. The word is that he will suit up Sunday night in a matchup against the Packers. This selection is interesting because should Montgomery play meaningful snaps Sunday, I see no problem with him booming. 60-70 yards and a TD seems like a sure thing. The big question mark is whether he can play enough snaps. 


RB Aaron Jones 17.1 pts vs CHI – BOOM

I think Jones booms this week. I understand that jones’ counterpart AJ Dillon has really come along and Jones is just working his way back from an injury. With that being said, because it is jones’ second week back, he should get 15-17 carries and a couple of shots in the red zone. That should be enough for Jones to boom this week. This game vs the Bears this week should favor the Packers to run the ball. The weather and the make-up of the Bears defense are two of those reasons. Jones desperately needs to get back on track and I think this is a good week to start.    


WR Chris Godwin 16.1 pts vs BUF – BUST
Statistically, Godwin is going up against one of the better defenses in the league with one of the better secondaries in the league. Now, with so many weapons on this Bucs team, someone is going to have to get open. I just don’t know if I wanna bet on it being Godwin. The rule of thumb for Bucs WRs is that you always project a bust. I think that same thinking applies here and coupled that with the aforementioned stellar Bills defense, Godwin and the Bucs offense struggles vs a Bills team that is desperately looking for a win. 


WR Hunter Renfrow 14.2 pts @ KC – BUST

Although Renfrow is coming off of performances of 19.2 and 21.6, I’ll bet on him busting this week vs the Chiefs. I just think there are too many factors that are favoring that result. For starters, Darren Waller is 50/50 to make his return back to the lineup. That would be yet another pass catcher that Renfrow has to contend with. Along with that, the play of Desean Jackson, Zay Jones, and Josh Jacobs doesn’t allow Renfrow to acquire his 14.2 threshold. I do think he can be successful in terms of catching 5-6 passes for 60-70 yards, but because he doesn’t get a TD, he doesn’t boom. I do not see him being a red-zone target this week. I would suggest benching him this week if you have him on your fantasy roster. 


TE Austin Hooper 9.2 pts vs BAL – BOOM

Interestingly, the Browns are playing the Baltimore Ravens for the second time in 3 weeks. In their game two weeks ago in Baltimore, Hooper had 3 targets for no yards. I think because the Browns utilize their TEs for blocking purposes more than any other team in the league, Hooper gets some opportunities in the red zone and the play-action game. The Ravens held Nick Chubb in check round one a couple of weeks ago and I would expect the Ravens to be biting on that Nick Chubb running game yet again. Because of that, I am leaning toward a boom for Hooper. My reasoning is more of intuition than factual evidence. 


TE George Kittle 14.2 pts @ CIN – BOOM

George Kittle is coming off a career performance last week against the Seahawks in which he put up 39.6 points. I like Kittle to boom this week against an average Cincinnati defense. On top of that, Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel, the 49ers top two players at their respective positions are more than likely out. That is going to put a bigger emphasis on Kittle to lead the offense and I would expect Jimmy G to target Kittle a lot come Sunday in a game that the 49ers desperately need to win.