Plans for New Tennis Courts Begin

After 2 seasons of not having tennis courts, plans for new courts are beginning.


City High’s previous tennis courts were demolished in October of 2019.

Greta Stanier and Eviann Smith

Every day, the members of the City High Tennis Teams leave school and face the downtown traffic to get to either the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center or City Park. This has been the norm since the 2019 season when the courts were torn down due to the school’s addition. Now, plans for new courts are being constructed. 

“My understanding is that the courts will be done in time for next year’s season,” Chip Hardesty, the varsity boys tennis coach said. “I’m hoping that as soon as Hoover gets torn down, construction will begin.”

The new courts will be located near the former Hoover Elementary, on the corner of Court and First Ave. According to Hardesty, there will be 8 courts built on the Hoover soccer fields. Hardesty also hopes to contribute to the planning process of the construction. 

“My thought would be instead of 2 rows of four courts, we would do a square complex with 2 courts in each corner, and walkways in between.”

This design would allow for optimal viewing of matches and drainage throughout the season. Having home courts will also bring the tennis teams more practice opportunities, specifically during the off-season. 

“In the fall we can have open court where I get the balls out for the players to hit together.  We have lots of players who are ninth and 10th graders currently. They’re all sort of starting out but it’s a good pool so I can have them hit and prepare for future seasons.”