New Staff Profile: Jenni Mettemeyer


Esther Puderbaugh

Mettemeyer at her desk in the music office

Esther Puderbaugh, A&E Editor

On mornings in City High’s music wing you can find new music secretary Jenni Mettemeyer in her office taking trip payments, helping to distribute concert uniforms, and answering students’ questions. Mettemeyer joined the staff of City High in August in the unique role of music secretary.

“My job entails taking payments for trips and [helping to distribute] the clothing assignments [for concert uniforms],” Mettemeyer said. “Also I help design programs, [assist in] the attendance office, and order food for events.”

Prior to working in the music wing, Mettemeyer was a stay at home mom for seventeen years. She feels that being a stay at home mom has uniquely prepared her for being the music secretary. 

“I was a stay at home mom so [being the music secretary is] kind of the same thing, just making sure everyone has what they need and stays organized,” Mettemeyer said. “I feel like I’d like to be seen as the department mom [and] that everyone knows I am here to help. Just being here to support all of the artists in this wing I feel really lucky to be able to do that.

Mother of two kids in City’s music ensembles, Mettemeyer feels connected to the music department. 

“I like kids and music and having kids in the music department,” Mettemeyer said. “I have been really impressed with all of the culture in the music department so it’s really exciting to be around kids I’ve known for so long and to support this department which I think is really incredible.”

Mettemeyer not only appreciates the culture of City’s music ensembles, she also loves the ambience of working in the department. 

“[My favorite thing is] hearing the music. You know I walk down the hall and I hear an orchestra or kids singing or I have a drumline going past my door,” Mettemeyer said. “And the kids – being here to support the kids I really like doing that.”

Mettemeyer is looking forward to her first year as music secretary. 

“I would say that the kindness they display for each other and just the acceptance [is special]. Everyone is just so friendly and helpful and uplifting and I think that has a lot to do with the directors and the culture that they build. It just seems like one big family here,” Mettemeyer said. “[The message I would give to the kids in the department is to] keep creating. Keep creating music and follow your art and I am here to help in any way that I can.”