Whit Jury and Rigby Templeman Take On Their Last Play With ‘Peter and the Starcatcher’


Whit Jury ’23 and Rigby Templeman ’23 peek out from theater curtains

Sara Brenneman, Reporter

The fall play this year is “Peter and the Starcatcher.” This may be some people’s first rodeo in the drama department, but it’s not for Rigby Templeman ‘23 and Whit Jury ‘23. 

Actors have experienced many memories at City High. Templeman’s most memorable moment was during last year’s play, Noises Off.

“They suddenly switched my character to Tim during Noises Off, which was pretty crazy,” Templeman said. 

Jury found his most memorable moment at Thespian Festival.

“I got on stage at Thespian festival and spontaneously came up with a dance to Rasputin,” Jury said.

Peter and the Starcatcher doesn’t fall far from the original when it comes to the cast. Jury says that the play is not technically a sequel, but still makes sense whether you’ve seen Peter Pan or not. Jury continued on to say that people can definitely look forward to some stellar performances.

“Seeing how the cast is already getting into their characters and building these dynamics with one another is great, and I think the chemistry is already feeling pretty good right now although we don’t have a huge set,” Jury said. “I think what we’re going to be doing with our physical movement while portraying the environment might be pretty cool.” 

Templeman has experienced stage anxiety, but has come up with a few ways to deal with it.

“It’s definitely kind of scary, and that is okay! Going out and singing and acting and dancing with a bunch of people you don’t know is hard,” Templeman said. “The important thing is to get out there, and have a really good time doing it. It’s not about who’s been doing what for how long.” 

Jury expanded on Templeman’s idea with a simple phrase.

“Leave nothing behind,” Jury said. 

Come watch these two perform their last play this October 28th through the 30th. Tickets will be available soon on the City High Drama website.