Charlotte Littlemoon Leads Costume Design for the Fall Play


Isabella Young

In the back of Opstad, Charlotte Littlemoon leads a small team preparing costumes for the Peter Pan prequel.

Isabella Young

Q: Charlotte, you’re the head of City High’s Costume Crew. How long have you been the head?


A: Like a few weeks.


Q: Were you not head last year?


A: I was kind of. So what happened was I was being trained to be head with the play, and then me and Lily [Kucera (‘22)] were kind of co-heads. It was just like an unofficial thing because I kept missing all the dates to fill out the paperwork to be co-head. Lily was the official head and I just did a lot of other stuff.


Q: How do you feel about being head so far?


A: I am really excited for it because I feel like I’ve got a lot of good people on my crew this year, like all of my people from last year who came back, and I’ve got a lot of new people too. I’m just really excited to be a part of the play like this again, and I can’t wait till we start putting costumes together.


Q: Is there any specific costume or character you’re looking forward to?


A: One of the things I’m looking forward to is doing period-specific stuff. [The show] doesn’t have a specific time it’s set in, but when I looked up when [Peter Pan] was written, I think it was like the early 1900s. I’m also excited both for doing the British, because it’ll be fun to do little stuffy costumes, and then I’m excited for all the imaginary stuff where we have to take something and see it in a different light to make it fit. I think that’ll help Costume Crew engage in their own imagination and creativity.


Q: How does the upcoming show, Peter and The Starcatcher, compare to other plays and musicals you’ve done?


A: So I’ve only done two plays and musicals, so I’m only going off of Noises Off and Big Fish. This [play] is interesting because it’s not as small as Noises Off, nor as big as Big Fish, it’s kind of like a nice medium-sized one where I have a lot of characters like Big Fish, but there aren’t as many costumes. That means we can really hone in on the costumes we do have, and it’s not going to be as rushed, hopefully. I also want to do more team-based stuff, like in Big Fish we did a lot of team costume searching because there were so many costumes, and in Noises Off everyone got assigned one individual character because there were so few people, so I want to combine that where people are going to get individual characters and there are also going to be costumes we’re going to work on as a group. 


Q: Do you have individual goals for yourself in Costume Crew?

A: I want to be better organized, personally, for my plan for costumes and also for getting the costume area itself better organized so the musical is easier, and then hopefully it can stay organized so the next costume head will have more ease working. I want to be able to help all of my costume people, and make costumes we’re all proud of.