NFL Trade Deadline Grades

Jack Degner, Reporter

The NFL trade deadline ended at three pm on November first, this was the most trades that have ever happened at the deadline. There were 12 trades on the day of the deadline and 19 in total from the start of the season. In this article I will be grading the five biggest trades from the deadline.  


Panthers RB Christian Mcafferey to the 49ers for a 2023, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and a 2024 5th. 

Panthers: B+ 

I like this move for the Panthers. They recognize they aren’t going to win this season and their best player is at a less valuable position, so they decided to trade him for some higher draft picks which will be more valuable to them than a star running back.  

49ers: A- 

I love this move for the 49ers. We know that Kyle Shannan has never really felt comfortable sticking with a running back, but with a guy who has the skill set to do everything, I think Shannan will fall in love with him. They did give up a decent amount of draft picks, but I don’t think they overpaid because of how valuable Mcafferey will be in this system.  


Bears LB Roquan Smith to the Ravens for a 2023 2nd, 5th and LB A.J. Klein. 

Bears: A- 

As a humble Bears fan, I really like this move. The Bears and Roquan Smith were working on a contract extension this whole offseason and couldn’t get a deal done, so I don’t mind them trading him for very good draft compensation. While Roquan has been very good for the Bears and he was their last real difference maker if he wasn’t going to resign, I love this move.

Ravens: A- 

I think that both teams won this trade. The Ravens have seen how successful their offense has been this season, but their defense has left a lot to be desired; former 1st round pick Patrick Queen has not worked out the way they would have liked. I think adding Roquan will be able to bring out the best of not only Queen, but their whole defense.  


Broncos DL Bradley Chubb and a 2025 5th to the Dolphins for a 2023 1st, 2024 4th, and RB Chase Edmonds. 

Broncos: B 

I think this is a pretty good trade for the Broncos. They are losing their best pass rusher since Von Miller, but they are also gaining a first round pick in return. Chubb’s time in Denver has resulted in a lot of injuries and inconsistent play, so I think this was the right move for both teams. 

Dolphins: A-

The Dolphins’ only problem this season has been their inability to rush the quarterback without blitzing, and now they bring in the best pass rusher on the market. They did give away their only first round pick for him, but I think that Chubb is worth more than a first round pick. This will also hopefully be able to help them contain Josh Allen when they have to play the Bills again presumably for the division. 


Giants WR Kadarius Toney to the Chiefs for a 2023 3rd and 6th. 

Giants: A 

The Kadarius Toney-Giants saga was time to come to an end. Things just hadn’t worked out and the new coaching staff didn’t feel any need to put him into the game plan. There are rumors circulating now that Toney may have been faking an injury to stay off the field. Whether these rumors are true or not, I think the Giants received great compensation for a player who wasn’t making an impact for the team whatsoever. 

Chiefs: A- 

I think this is a major win for the Chiefs. They have not slowed down at all from losing Tyreek Hill over the offseason, but they really haven’t been able to unlock their full potential without him. I think that Toney could be Tyreek Hill esk, obviously he’s not as fast as Tyreek, but he’s just as shifty if not more once he has the ball in his hands. While the Chiefs gave up a decent amount of draft compensation, I think it was a reasonable amount for what they will get out of him. 


Lions TE TJ Hockenson, a 2023 4th and a 2024 4th to the Vikings for a 2023 2nd and a 2024 3rd. 

Lions: D+ 

I do not like this move for the Lions at all. They came into the season hoping to maybe sneak into a wild card spot, and they obviously have not done that. I don’t understand why that means they need to get rid of their best player. I know that as a rebuilding team you need money but at some point you keep your good players to build around. They also didn’t even get great draft picks back, I mean a 2nd and a 3rd for a top 5 TE in the league. I just don’t understand.

Vikings: B+ 

I think this is a pretty good move for the Vikings, they didn’t give up too much for a big position of need now that Irv Smith Jr is on IR. I also think that Hockenson is a good player who will be able to make a big impact for them as they continue their playoff push. I don’t love the fact they gave up a 2nd and a 3rd round pick for a TE, but I’m not going to fault them too mu