New A.I. Art Forms Take Shape

Jack Degner, Reporter

Students Hal Seamans and Ammon Smith are experimenting with a new way to make art. This art is called AI art, and it is an advanced type of online art that allows a computer to make almost anything artists want to create.

I discovered an AI Art Generator, Stable Diffusion, on the internet a couple of months ago, just on the Internet somewhere. I started making art with it, and it was a lot of fun. Then I showed it to Ammon,” Hal Seamans ‘23 said.

After Hal and Ammon learned more about this new art technology, they figured out some of the benefits of the art outside of just the look.

I had a visual rhetoric assignment for composition, which means we had to make a collage of different images. I couldn’t find a free image for a specific thing I wanted. So, I just used the AI Art Generator and it was exactly what I needed,” said Ammon Smith ‘23. 

Using this AI Art generator you can generate paintings that are extremely similar to a certain artist.

It can mimic specific artists’ styles. I tried generating some art in the style of Picasso and it was extremely convincing. I then created a slideshow with real Picasso art next to AI art and they’re pretty indistinguishable,” Hal Seamans, ‘23 said. 

The AI isn’t just limited to art either, it can make a piece of art and within seconds can generate a caption to go with the art. 

“We made an image using the Art Generator and then and then wrote a description. We showed the description to a text generator and then the text generator. It’s learning that we want to have a title of a painting and in that description so it can then generate more titles and descriptions out of nothing,” said Smith ‘23. 

Smith and Seamans claim that this has brought the enjoyment back into art. 

I recently took a field trip to the new museum downtown and I didn’t understand any of it. But through making art with this, I’ve been able to truly have a deeper understanding of the art.” commented Smith ‘23.