New Speech Season Kicks Off with Auditions


Naomi Hemley

Avery Provorse ‘24, Rigby Templeman ‘23, and Norah Mettemeyer ‘24 practice for musical theater for speech

Naomi Hemley, Editor

Rushing to the choir hall, you can see the ensemble room filled with people, seeming like they are acting, but there’s no script in sight. Inside, you can see Rigby Templeman ‘23 practicing improv.

“I felt better at acting after improv and ensemble acting, because they teach you a lot of little things that help,” Templeman said.

Speech has many different sub sections such as musical theater, improv, group and solo mime, ensemble acting, and more.

“I continued doing improv because it’s really fun. It’s my favorite extracurricular that I’ve done at City High and I’ve done a lot of extracurricular activities at City High. You basically just make things up and it’s a really good time,” Templeman said.

Speech auditions for general acting were held last week with improv auditions following the next day. Musical theater auditions were held on November 7th.

“This year was actually the first time that I auditioned,” said Avery Provorse ‘24, a returning speech member. “Honestly, it was really fun. I had a good time. I learned a lot and I learned how to work outside of just the rehearsal time, and that was really helpful. It helps kind of create a sense of responsibility.”

Speech not only builds your responsibility, but can also build your vocal skills as well.

“I learned how to blend voices because I did musical theater,” Provorse said. “My voice just developed a lot through that process. And we had a great coach that helped us.”

Speech runs during the theater’s off season, between the fall play and spring musical. 

“I think it’s a great way to get to know the theater community, and just people that are in it, and get to know new faces, but not be fully committed to something because rehearsals are only once or twice a week depending on how many things you do,” Provorse said. “And If you put in just a little bit of time you get a lot done.”