Success at the Winter Carnival


Photo courtesy of John Bacon

Rosangel Flores-Rubio, Art & Design Executive

Winter time for City High students typically includes the winter dance, but breaking tradition, co-presidents, Ari Collins ‘23 and Mary Cate Pugh ‘23 lead Student Senate members to curate a Winter Carnival as a way to give students something fun to do and a way to raise revenue for club funding. 

“It was a great event… so many people came to [the carnival], some people brought their younger siblings, teachers also came. It was just a really fun event that brought the community together,” Mary Cate Pugh ‘23 said. 

The carnival raised around $800 in total from ticket sales, bringing in more money and a wider range of people than a usual winter dance. 

“We have a lot of clubs we need grants and funding for… The carnival was a way to invite students for something fun to do while also raising money,” Melanie Gibbens, sponsor of Student Senate said. 

The night included a range of games from Plinko, Penny toss, City High Trivia, and a competition to guess how many toilets the main building of City High has. It ended with raffle tickets being drawn and gifts, donated by local businesses, being distributed amongst the attendees. 

“Overall the carnival was a fun experience, the prices were something [I] looked forward to… it gave me a nice chance to hang out with my friends and to see so many students I typically don’t see,” Lisa Acherkan ‘24 said. 

Both staff and Student Senate are happy to see Elementary school nostalgia coming back among students and families. Both Collins and Pugh hope the carnival will be continued by future presidencies.