Grappling with the Greats


Amber Seaton

Chris Davis ’26 raises his hand in victory at the 2023 wrestling state tournament.

Jack Rogers, reporter

    In kindergarten, freshman Chris Davis ‘26 started his long sports journey by wrestling but it wasn’t by his decision.

   “My dad used to wrestle and my parents just kind of threw me into the deep end early on,” Chris said.

    But not long after, Chris found early success within the sport winning a lot more tournaments and placing higher his first grade year. Although Chris didn’t only dedicate his life to wrestling.

    “Other than wrestling I play baseball and football,” Chris said.

    Chris also found early success in baseball. When his club team traveled to Wisconsin they beat the number 2 team in Iowa and won the tournament back to back years. Chris continued playing baseball the rest of his life, but wrestling on the other hand was a different story. When Chris was in 5th and 6th grade he quit wrestling to play basketball.

    “I kind of lost a love for the sport (wrestling) and was ready to take a break and try something new,” Chris said. 

    Due to covid almost all of his sports got cut off until the end of his 7th grade year. Football got canceled and only one basketball game was played. The only sport he got to play that year was baseball.

    “Yeah, it felt good to get back on the diamond after a long break. Baseball is one of the most fun sports to play and I loved being back,” Chris said.

    Chris started playing tackle football his 5th grade year as well. He played 5th and 6th grade, and then had a break until 8th grade also due to covid. When Chris would play flag football he would be a wide receiver or running back, but once he started playing tackle football he played quarterback. Chris played almost every game this year being the “second half” quarterback for the sophomore team and the starting quarterback in freshman games.

    “I feel like I performed pretty well. But, I felt like there was more I needed to change and grow and develop on,” Chris said.

    The sophomore team won 3 games this season beating Cedar Rapids Jefferson, Ames High, and Davenport Central. But losing to Iowa City Liberty, Davenport North, and Davenport West finishing three and three. The freshman team went two and two with wins over Ames High and West Liberty, and losses to West High and Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

    Going into his freshman season of wrestling Chris made the varsity team at 113 pounds. 

    “My goal was to go out there on the mat and wrestle as hard as I possibly could, and then try and qualify for the state tournament,” Chris said.

    Soon enough, Chris’ goals for the season became a reality as he made the state tournament.

    “My goal is to win my next match. I’m just thinking about taking it one match at a time and staying in the moment,” Chris said before heading to Wells Fargo arena in Des Moines.

    Although Chris didn’t get the result he was looking for in Des Moines, he was the youngest member of the team to make it to state and he went one and two in his matches.

    “My biggest takeaway from the tournament is that no match you have is going to be easy, they are all going to be dog fights. I feel like I left everything I had out on the table,” Chris said.

    To finish off his freshman year Chris will most likely play outfield for the freshman baseball team at City High.