Mock Trial Scrimmages Commence

City High mock trial teams continue scrimmages in preparation for Regionals.


Naomi Hemley

The sophomore mock trial team gets notes from their coach after their scrimmage.

Naomi Hemley and Greta Hayek

As the mock trial regionals approach, the City High mock trial team prepares by hosting several scrimmages. Recently, City High invited different schools from all over Iowa and hosted a large scrimmage from 9am-4pm on February 26.

Although mock trial students prepare by memorizing, in a scrimmage, there are many unexpected situations both witnesses and attorneys find themselves in.

“Usually I’m able to rely on what we’ve been working on in practice,” Olivia Vandeberg ‘25 said. “But also I’ll usually go over objections. I’ll read through whatever I’m presenting before [the scrimmage].”

This wasn’t the first scrimmage, but the largest one, and the only one involving other schools. Teams were matched up by their grade level and experience.

“I’m a little nervous because this is my first time scrimmaging people who aren’t from City. This is also my first year of doing this, but I’m also really excited because I know it’s going to be a really good learning experience for us,” Vandeberg said.

Liv Leman ‘25 says that cross examination is the hardest part about scrimmages.

“You don’t know what you’re gonna get asked and you have to know the right responses,” Leman said.

Although there are many hard aspects of mock trial, Leman continues to encourage others to join.

“You should join mock trial because it is such a great experience, working with a team is so fun and overall a really good experience,” Leman said.