2024 Class President Elections

Here are the three different candidates main goals as co-class presidents


Rose Florez-Rubio and Lulu Roarick with their bodyguards, Joe Fullenkamp and Diego Loria-Eivins

Diego Loria-Eivins, Reporter

Around the school today, posters for Wisdom Konu/Helena Echa, Veda Fitzpatrick/Margalit Frank, and Lulu Roarick/Rosangel Flores-Rubio hang above water fountains, on classroom walls, and on bulletins across the campus. Campaign infographics have been posted all over Instagram, and the long anticipated election day has finally arrived. 

With three different candidates for co-class presidents, deciding which one to cast your vote for can be difficult. I interviewed all the candidates and got two of the biggest things they want to work on during their presidency to help you make the best choice. 


Wisdom Konu and Helena Echa

Making sure students feel recognized, specifically students of color and transgender students

Making City High more fun – club fairs, spirit weeks, and fundraisers


Veda Fitzpatrick and Margalit Frank 

Having a representative for each class and creating committees for certain events

Increase in fundraisers for school-sponsored events


Winners: Lulu Roarick and Rosangel Flores-Rubio

Reducing cost of yearbook and make it more accessible to all students

Providing all seniors with a free quality senior photo by collaborating with local photographers and students with photography experience 



-Leading weekly Student Senate meetings

-Organizing Homecoming Week, School Carnival, and Prom

-Representing the student body at School Board meetings

-Advocating on behalf of the student body to the administration

-Speaking at Graduation  


All Juniors will meet in the Little Hawk Arena during advisory to listen to speeches from all three candidates.

Cast your vote at the 2024 Class President Voting Link

Winners will be announced over the intercom during seventh hour as well as highlighted in this article.