Lauren Koch: Senior Salute

Lauren Koch, Executive Editor

The starved of 2109. Our little circle of friends striving to share the special stories of City High. Seated at a hexagonal dry-erase table, Rose plays Roblox, Tai and Esther work on stories, Isaac plays Chopin and Natalie’s feelings. Across the room, Diego and Grace gossip gregariously on the grave of the couch. Megan and Bella sit silent story writing on SNO. Rog races about the room, with robloxian resentment. 

Field trips were a recurring activity this year. Anytime Rogers was missing, or it was newspaper day, we piled into my silver Hyundai to race about town, dropping papers off everywhere from bread garden, to Hoover elementary. Most times, I’d drive at (maybe) illegal speeds while blasting Chopin (Isaac’s favorite composer), listening to Grace and Diego screaming in the back. Esther’s plastic box that once held a chocolate cake from New Pioneer Food-Co Op still inhabits my backseat, along with dozens of newspapers from last print. Natalie casually rests her cowboy boots on my dashboard, complaining about the music of Isaac’s 400 year old celebrity crush. 

Our holiday gingerbread competition was the lowlight of this year. Natalie and I triumphed in the creation of the LGBTQ+ bakery. I had color coordinated lights, frosted windows, and its structural integrity held until February. It must have not been enough for judge Isaac though, who awarded us last place. Shoutout to Esther and Rose for their amazing “Falling Waterfall” gingerbread house, and Grace and Diego for their deconstructed couch. 

On a more serious note, I am going to miss my sixth period friends dearly. It’s the only class where I feel I can fully express my thoughts and feelings, and where I find my best friends inside and outside the classroom. “Journalism is an inherently human activity; its collaborative nature creates a comfortable environment of mutual understanding.” Well said, Isaac.