New Student Co-Presidents Reveal Future Plans


Yomi Hemley

Student President Candidates Veda Fitz-Patrick ’24, Margalit Frank ’24, Lulu Roarick ’24, Rosangel Flores-Rubio ’24, Helena Echa ’24, and Wisdom Konu ’24 prepare for their speeches.

Yomi Hemley, Feature Editor

As the school day neared its close, all six student presidential candidates anxiously waited for the announcements to come on, revealing who the next student co-presidents would be. One candidate, Rosangel Flores-Rubio ‘24, stayed seated in class with her classmates crowded around her as the speaker came on announcing that the new student co-presidents would be she and her running mate Lulu Roarick ’24.

“I [was] sort of squeaking, you know, definitely nervous. And then, as soon as I heard them, say, ‘Lu–’ everyone was yelling and screaming. It’s definitely exciting, and we’ve already started planning for next year,” Flores-Rubio said.

The new school leaders have already started coming up with ideas for the next school year, with plans starting as early as this summer.

“This summer we are gonna contact the administration and also we hope to get a meeting set up with Mr. Tygrett and Mr. Bacon to just talk about our plans. Specifically speaking, we want to look into how possible it is to add a single-use or single-person restroom like the third floor, because the culinary arts classes are going to be moved to the basement and you know, culinary arts, there’s sinks there and there’s already plumbing, so the possibility of a bathroom being added there is there,” Flores-Rubio said.

Before the results came out, Roarick said she felt confident in their policies and goals.

“I got asked every class period I was in, ‘Do you think you’re gonna win?’ I said ‘yes.’ I felt like we [had] a good chance. I said that because our policies were dependable,” Roarick said. “People knew what they were voting for, and that me and Rose would get it done.”