Saved by Technology?

Cassie Wassink’s iPad adventure

Week One:
Technology is the way of the future, so I suppose I should be wildly applauding this new iPad venture that my class is undertaking. Yet, thus far, I am faced with more of a question: how will these iPads truly affect the way that I report? The answer for me falls mainly to convenience. Undoubtedly, I will enjoy seeing all of the handy programs condensed into one mechanism: WordPress, Twitter, FaceTime, video and audio recording all in one folder. Beyond this, I remain skeptical. In some ways, reporting is reporting is reporting, whether you are using a reporter’s notebook, a flip camera, or an iPad. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to test out the use of these devices, but the verdict is still in the air.

Week Two:
I conducted a video interview this week with the iPad. I met up with a woman at the Java House, propped the iPad up on the table, clicked the little record button, and then my attention was free to focus on the interview. I didn’t have to take notes, I didn’t have to deal with the bulk of a laptop. When the interview was over, I tucked the iPad away in my backpack and headed out. For me, as I am not so interested in the instant media aspect of journalism, my main appreciation of the iPad came from its convenience. I enjoyed its lightweight portability as well as the multitude of apps.

Week Three:
For my final project, I worked with Ellen to film Elena Foster performing some of her music, as well as an interview. We then used iMovie on the iPad to organize the clips into a short film featuring Elena. I was impressed with the ease and convenience of using iMovie to create that film.

Final Project

A Student Spotlight: Elena Foster from Little Hawk on Vimeo.