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Moen’s IPad Blog #3

IPad Blog #1

I am really excited to use the IPads. I have already been thinking of multiple ideas that I could use mine for. One idea is to film people for interviews, and small videos. That way, we won’t have the quote confusion that the staff had on our most recent issue. I am also thinking of doing a video similar to Eli’s 50 People One Question. Maybe one about what people think about the online voting for homecoming king and queen because I heard a lot of complaints about it and how inconvenient it was for some students to go online and vote.

I am really interested in seeing how technology can be introduced to the schools and learning how it can affect  as a community and hopefully help people learn about various subjects both in and out of school. However, I am wondering how my teachers will feel about me using this during class. But I am a senior, so hopefully my teachers will give me the responsibility to not be on Twitter or Facebook when a lecture is going on. Especially since in college, some professors let their students take notes on their laptop or other note taking device. It would feel nice to be compared to a college student. But otherwise, I don’t really know what to expect since I haven’t had a lot of time to look at all of the applications that my new glowing rectangle comes with.

IPad Blog #2

I have now spent two weeks with my IPad, and I absolutely love it! I am using it a lot more than I had ever thought, and I know that my classmates are jealous but they agree that IPads should be incorporated with our schools classes. I think that it is an excellent addition to City High and to live up to our motto: The School That Leads!

One example that I have happened today in third period, during my State and Local Government class with Mrs. Redlinger. Today, we used laptops to look up information regarding the Iowa Department of Economic Development. While other groups spent more than five minutes trying to log in, and open up Internet Explore. Luckily, I had my IPad and my partner and I were more than halfway done with our worksheet by the time that everyone else had just started working on their worksheets.

But besides getting done with school work quickly and correctly, I have also used the IPad for several other resources. For instance, yesterday, I was able to interview Mr. Coleman in regards to the new practice field, and the completion. I filmed our vice principal so that I would get every word correctly said by him, and that I don’t publish anything that he did not say. Then, I put the video onto paper and wrote an article that would go into the November issue of the Little Hawk. By filming people, I can spend more time on the editing and content portion of the article that I was writing.

IPad Blog #3

So, this is the third week that I have had my iPad. I have continued to discover new uses and my mom has also been using it to. I didn’t even know she knew what an IPad was, and how to work and operate it. She has even bought a few things on it. At home, we do have a dell computer, but the internet doesn’t work very well on it, and you can’t do anything on it.  I was even thinking about buying an iPad for my family. I mom travels a lot, and I could see her taking notes and using it a lot. As well as myself. I have found myself pulling out this new glowing rectangle to use during class, for class. I have asked the majority of my teachers if it was okay if I do this. And they all trusted me not to use it inapropriately, which was very flattering.

Also, Wednesday  was the Iowa High School Press Association conference at the Iowa Memorial Union. Throughout the sessions and day, I used all of the time. I especially liked the Notability application because you can take a picture, and post it on your note sheet. As well as HTML codes, text, web clip, take a photo, highlight certain key words, draw or place a figure or shape, and even use your own handwriting. It is by far the best note taking app I have ever used. It proved itself to me during the conference where I was able to organize all of my notes by each session that I went to.

I have used several other apps on my new favorite tool. I made a Storify on it with all of my favorite tweets of the past week. It was a lot of fun going back, and looking at all of the tweets that I have favorited. I got a good laugh on several of those. I have embedded a code at the bottom of this post for you all to view.

News Story Favorite Tweets

A list of tweets by journalists that I have favorited. These tweets are mostly about the presidential election as states electoral college votes come in to world news centers such as ABC, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. Their is also some localized tweets in my storify.

Storified by · Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:12:36

RT @thelittlehawk: President Obama receives reelection! #Election2012
RT @FoliageSkate: Wow, 800 votes. Never thought we’d see it! Please keep those votes comin’ everyone, thanks so much for your support! …
RT @EliSShepherd: Please #VoteFoliage and retweet! Repeat: #VoteFoliage and retweet! I really need your help. Thank you thank youuu!! ht …
RT @IowaCitySOS: Solutionary co. @FoliageSkate needs your help winning a $15,000 biz grant! Please #VoteFoliage and retweet today! http: …
It is absurdly easy to get hacked. Do yourself a favor and read these tips on good password hygiene:
Graphic: The money race for the most expensive election in U.S. history
Movie Review: ‘Lincoln,’ by Steven Spielberg, Stars Daniel Day-Lewis
Euro Zone Interest Rate Remains Unchanged
Assad Does Not Foresee Foreign Intervention in Syria
Tool Kit: How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away
Women’s Issues Were a Problem for G.O.P.
Gas Shortage Persists in N.Y.C. and Nassau County
Apple Stock Sinks as Profits and Products Are Questioned
Obama’s Victory Presents G.O.P. With Demographic Test
Obama Campaign Clawed Back After a Dismal Debate
President Obama Begins Work on Second Term
Interactive: What President Obama’s election could mean for major U.S. industries
Obama’s Other ‘Cliff’ Is in Foreign Policy
Suspect in Iowa City peeping case admitted to watching at least four women, police say.
Iowa City school district voters heading to polls in February:
Parties must work together in split-control Iowa Legislature, Branstad says. Can it happen?
How do you feel about how the 2012 election unfolded? #iavotes
Dave Loebsack, Bruce Braley and Steve King have all won Iowa congressional races tonight. #iavotes
ABC News projects that Barack Obama has been re-elected. #iavotes
Of 43,407 early voters in Johnson County, 10,624 were straight-ticket Democrat vs. 3,130 straight-ticket GOP. #iavotes
Linn Co absentee returns: Obama 31,293. Romney, 15,499. #iavotes
MAP: 2012 Iowa campaign visits by Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan.
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Superstitions thrive in sports
City High’s Ryan Young has a great time-lapse from last night’s volleyball win over West. A great way to tell a story:
McDonald’s sales drop for first time since 2003
United says superstorm Sandy cut October revenue by $90 million
Man shot 5 times over iPhone
Enjoy Trib photos from the #Obama rally:
No, Sox fans, U.S. Cellular Field will not be renamed
RT @StacyStClair: #Obamas and Bidens on stage together. And here comes the confetti as Springsteen blares one last time.
Obama victory speech: ‘The best is yet to come’
RT @StacyStClair: #obama pool reports potus is en route to McCormick place
Romney congratulates Obama on victory
AP: Republican Mitt Romney has called President Barack Obama to concede the presidential race
AP: Obama wins Oregon
(AP) – Obama thanks supporters on Twitter; ‘We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned’
AP: Obama wins Ohio and Iowa
NBC News projects Barack Obama re-elected president
Obama projected winner by TV networks

IPad Blog #4

With my fourth and final IPad blog, I am sad to let go of my new favorite glowing rectangle. But this past week, I was able to utilize the video camera on the IPad. I used it to interview several wrestlers about the upcoming wrestling season. I then moved my video into the IMovie application on the IPad and edited the video and added a title and text to it. I also cut out some of the endings and beginnings of each video because the data wasn’t needed and was extra. Next, I uploaded the video onto Vimeo.

<script src=””></script><noscript>[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “My Favorite Tweets” on Storify</a>]</noscript>


City High Wrestling Preseason from Little Hawk on Vimeo.

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