Hoover Celebrates 60th Anniversary

As Hoover turns 60, former students and current teachers reflect on the impending closure.

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Hoover Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Sofie Lie, Reporter

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The renowned elementary learning center that is Hoover School has held its sense in school pride as the past 60 years of Hoover Elementary were celebrated last month on the blacktop of Hoover School. Today, Hoover Elementary is planning to close in the Spring of 2019, but this date is subject to change.

“I feel a lot of  excitement (about the 60th anniversary) and a little bit of sadness that we might not be here in 4 years, but it’s great to see all the old staff and people that go way back,” said Jeff Kosier, a Hoover teacher of many years.

In 2013, the Iowa City school board approved a building plan that would close the school.  Although signs in the community opposing the decision, stating “Save Hoover,” appeared shortly after the announcement, the plan seems to be set in stone.

“It makes me sad because it was where I grew up and I have a lot of really fond memories; it’s going to be weird coming back to Iowa City 20 years from now and not having it be here,” Cora Bern-Klug ’15 said. “It’s been one of the best elementary schools  in the past 60 years, and they’re shutting it down.”

The school board annually reviews the facilities plan, including the closing of Hoover, and will elect new board members in 2015.

“We’d be thrilled if the school board changed their minds,” said Kosier.

Hoover underwent massive construction over this past summer in order to improve the building, a district decision amounting to $1.5 million in renovations.

“We have air conditioning this year,” Kosier said. “We’re thrilled with how the year has started and we’re hoping it continues longer than 2019.”

Besides the enthusiastic and future focused teachers, the close proximity of the residential neighborhoods surrounding Hoover appeals to many parents and students.

“Hoover is such a great neighborhood school,” Kosier said. “There’s not a lot of students that are bussed in, and to lose that neighborhood ability for kids to walk here is just going to be sad.”

Although there is sorrow surrounding the impending close of the school, Hoover manages to focus on the future of current students while also remembering the rich history.  At the 60th anniversary celebration, former Hoover Hawks now in the City High Orchestra displayed their musical ability.

“It was really fun to play with just other Hoover Alum, and I hadn’t been back inside Hoover in a long time so it was nice to be able to visit. I was at Hoover for the 50th anniversary and I was glad to be there for the 60th,” said former Hoover student Maria McCoy ‘15, who plays violin.

Since the board’s announcement, many prior Hoover students have expressed their distress.

“I feel like it’s a very diverse, great model for the Iowa City Community School District, and it’s what the school board wants to see in every school so I feel like it’s bad to shut it down since it’s what the school board wants,” said Gabe Gibbens ‘17.

Senior class president and former Hoover student Cora Bern Klug ‘15 agrees.

“I feel like Hoover usually produces some really good students,” she said.

Although the anticipated closure is becoming more relevant, past Hoover students are eager to show their connection to the school.

“Hoover always had a great and supportive atmosphere,” said McCoy.