Battle of the French Cooks

Olivia Parrott, Copy Editor


The afternoon sun filtered though the tall windows of the FCS room, while seven teams of cooks prepared to go to battle with their savory or dessert dish in the french cooking contest on Friday.

“There were a lot more teams than there have been in previous years,” Abby Dickson ’16 said.

Dickson has been part of a team, which this year included Britta Bergstrom ’16 and Lauren Hudachik ’16, that has won the competition three consecutive years. This year they won with their entry in the “savory” category.

Even with all of the team’s success, they agree that the contest means more than winning.

“The food is always good, and we are apart of the French culture at City,” Hudachik said.

Newcomers Anna Deniston ’18, Lindsey Parrott ’18, Amadou ’18, Serena Collins ’18, and Jordan LaFauce ’18 competed with their apple Galette in the pastry category.