Students and Teachers Participate in National Novel Writing Month

Sofie Lie, Sadie Hobbs, and Lydia Kaufmann

Hard-working City High students and teachers have been participating in National Novel Writing Month, a non profit organization of writers world-wide who are aiming to write a 50,000 word novel by November 30th.
“I think [NaNoWriMo] is a great way to get a first draft done, and even if I only get to 25,000 words, that’s 25,000 I wouldn’t have written another time,” English teacher Ali Borger-Germann said.
City High hosts frequent write-ins throughout November to give students and teachers a chance to work on their novels after school.
“I like that there is community and goals–it’s a great way to get a first draft done,” Borger-Germann said.
NaNoWriMo participants are all reaching toward the same goal for different reasons.
“My goals in writing this novel is to have some fun. The last novel I wrote that I’m revising is pretty heavy hitting emotionally and I needed a break, so this is my break,” Borger-Germann said.
Many dedicated student writers are working on novels as well.
“My goals are just to write a good book and enjoy it,” Theodore Prineas ‘18 said.
National Novel Writing Month gathered 310,095 participants in 2013, some of which were from City High.
“I can’t not write,” said Borger-Germann.
City High writers meet every Wednesday and Friday, amounting to 6 or 7 total meetings in November that usually go from right after school until 4:30.
“[NaNoWriMo] has helped me because I’ve been having fun with it, I’ve been able to get more work done, and I’ve gained new friends,” Topp said.
The dedicated writers can often encounter conflict when pursuing their one-month novels.
“My biggest challenge would be finishing the story. I only have two chapters left and I hit a writers block,” Topp said.
As November wraps up, the motivated authors taking part in the world-wide organization are working to finish their novels.
“My goal is to become a better writer and spread my ideas with the world,” Topp said.