College Football Conference Championship Previews


Duncan, Forbes

As some of you may know, many Conference Championship games are being played this weekend and could have big implications as to who will get into the Playoff, so let’s talk about them.


7 Arizona Vs. 2 Oregon, December 5th 8:00 PM

A rematch is exactly what Oregon wants especially against the only team to beat them this year. Oregon will be hungry for the win and will be eliminated from the Playoff with a loss. Arizona is not a bad team and will definitely make this a game, but in the end Oregon will prevail.

My pick: Oregon 42 Arizona 41


All of the remaining games will be played on Saturday, December 6th


1 Alabama Vs. 16 Missouri 3:00 PM

Alabama seems to be the easy pick in this matchup but there’s more than meets the eye with this Missouri team. Mizzou hasn’t lost since the 34-0 blowout they had at home against Georgia and despite a really bad loss to Indiana they could make this a game. The Tigers had a big comeback against Texas A&M which sealed the deal for an SEC East Division championship and could keep it close through 3 quarters but in the end Blake Sims leads the Tide to an SEC Championship and a Playoff berth.

My pick: Alabama 42 Missouri 28


Marshall Vs Louisiana Tech 11:00 PM

Marshall should bounce back after a tough OT loss to Western Kentucky and win the C-USA which should get them back in the top 25 and possibly get them to a Big 6 New Years Day Bowl with a Boise State loss.

My pick: Marshall 56 Louisiana Tech 21


4 Florida State Vs. 11 Georgia Tech 7:00 PM

Florida State is a 3 point favorite but I’m among the many Seminole doubters. Jameis Winston isn’t playing as well as he did last year and we’ll have to see how he bounces back from his four interceptions against Florida. Georgia Tech has a very good defense (very underrated in the ACC) and a great rush offense and they should run all over this Florida State Defense and they won’t let up.

My pick: Georgia Tech 35 Florida State 20


13 Wisconsin Vs. 5 Ohio State 7:17 PM

This could be the make or break game for Ohio State if they want to get into the Playoff. A big win against Michigan is gaining them big support and a big win against Wisconsin could easily get them in especially with their third string Quarterback starting. Despite 220 rushing yards for Melvin Gordon, the Buckeyes win big.

My pick: Ohio State 48 Wisconsin 31


22 Boise State Vs. Fresno State 9:00 PM

Boise State should win big against a mediocre Fresno State team and it should be a boring game after halftime.

My pick: Boise State 56 Fresno State 24


These are my picks for the championship games but there are a few more notable games out of the Big 12, which could be crucial to the Big 12 Championship.


9 Kansas State Vs. 6 Baylor 6:45 PM

This game has big implications on the Big 12 and the Playoff. With a win, Baylor will be co-champions with No. 3 TCU. With a loss they are out of the Playoff due to their two losses, but the Bears should make it to a Big 6 game either way.

My pick: Baylor 49 Kansas State 38