City High Students Participate in TEAMS Competition


City High Red Team

Riley Lewers, Reporter

Five City High teams competed in the Technology, Engineering, Aptitude, Mathematics, Science (TEAMS) competition on March 4th. 40 students, chaperoned by math teacher Mrs. Peterson, missed school to attend. Teams were organized by grade with one team for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and two for freshman. City High and West High teams went head to head in the competition.

The TEAMS competition is structured as a two part test, the first part being an 80 question multiple choice test, and the second being an essay over any of several possible scenario topics. Judges average both of these for a final score.

“The TEAMS competition is an excellent way for students to put to test and put to use their STEM skills,” Rasmus Schlutter ‘17 said.

Schlutter, along with many of the other participating students, also competed last year.

“We had the same team as last year, so we were comfortable working together,” Sonali Durham ‘16 said.

Durham is a part of the top finishing team from City High, the red team, composed of juniors, who placed third in the 11th/ 12th grade category, ahead of the white team, which was composed of seniors.

“Next year we plan to prepare more, and hopefully do better,” Durham said.