City High Named a Top AP School in Iowa


Olivia Parrott, News Editor

The AP index score shows City High has moved up 10 places since last year, as it has moved from 21st to 11th in the state of Iowa.

“I am thrilled to see more and more Little Hawks embracing the challenge of Advanced Placement coursework!” Principal John Bacon said. “Our AP program is one of the most robust in the state of Iowa. Students who take advantage of our AP offerings will be highly prepared for success at the university level.”

The score is based on the ratio of AP exams taken by all of the school’s students, divided by the number of its graduating seniors.

George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids was No. 1 for the seventh year in a row, while Regina ranked third in the state for the third year in a row. West High was fifth, but was seventh last year.

‘I am proud of our students who are taking rigorous, college-level coursework,” Bacon said.