Advisory Begins at City High

Molly Liu

Monday marks the first day of implementation of Advisory time, a 26 minute block of time within students’ schedules that allows them to start homework or get extra help from teachers. The advisory period is created by taking four minutes off of each period on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. John Bacon, City High principal, decided to start advisory after he heard about its success in schools like Cedar Rapids Washington.

“When [the principal of Cedar Rapids Washington High School] told me about their advisory plan, I was very interested in checking that out,” Bacon said. “I took a team of teachers up to the school last year, and we got to watch it happen. We interviewed their teachers and they loved it.”

While Bacon acknowledges that implementing advisory will take away class time, he believes that it will be extremely beneficial to students’ grades and workload.

“I believe that this can benefit every single student in this building. That is the beauty of advisory. Students that are struggling in school can benefit from having one-on-one time with their teacher,” he said. “I also believe that advisory can help even the most busy, high-achieving students in this school and everybody in between.”