City High Falls to Prairie


Naomi Meurice

Cameron Chavez ’18

Madeline Deninger, Copy Editor

Both the City High boys’ and girls’ bowling teams lost to Cedar Rapids Prairie on Friday February 22nd. City High’s boys’ team lost by a narrow margin with a score of 2821 against Prairie’s  2862. Garrett Highly ’17 lead the Little Hawks with a score of 493. The girls lost with a score of 2,493 against Prairie’s 2766. Liz Goss ’16 led the Little Hawks with a score of 396. 

On January 29th, both the boys and the girls team will compete against West High for the Kingpin and Queenpin.

“My biggest goal is beating West High, getting the Kingpin back. We haven’t had it in a while, so the girls have it, I’d be nice if we could both get it. I think we can,” said boys captain Austin Young ’17.