Ted Cruz Makes Final Case to Caucus Goers in Iowa City

Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in Iowa City to make his final case to caucus goers the day before the first in-the-nation caucuses.


Jonathan House

Ted Cruz speaks at the Johnson County Fair Grounds.

Jonathan House, Sports Editor

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a campaign stop to the Johnson County Fairgrounds just south of Iowa City on Sunday afternoon to make his final case for why people should caucus for him. Cruz spoke for about half an hour, but there were also speeches and endorsements from other notable people. Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s fourth district spoke on Cruz’s beliefs on the Constitution and the Bible. Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife also took a few minutes to talk about her husband’s beliefs and qualifications to be president. Phil Robertson, the star of the reality TV series, “Duck Dynasty,” made an appearance to talk about why he supports Cruz. Finally, conservative political commentator Glenn Beck spoke about Cruz’s constitutional beliefs and compared them to that of George Washington’s.

Cruz started off by thanking his endorsements for their time and speeches, and talking about what he would do on his first day in office.

“What I intend to do on the first day in office is begin the process of moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the once eternal capital of Israel,” Cruz said.

He also mentioned plans for eliminating President Obama’s executive orders, working to create a flat tax rate, to eliminate the Iran Nuclear Deal, to secure the border, and to work with Congress to repeal “every word” of Obamacare. He also mentioned his strong commitment to the Bible and the Constitution, something that was also said by nearly all of his endorsement speakers. Cruz also stressed the importance of voter turnout, telling supporters to bring their friends and neighbors to the caucuses with them.

Shelby Graber, a young, first time Iowa caucus goer, says he plans to caucus for Cruz, and that his beliefs are closely aligned with Cruz’s.

“He’s strong on the Second Amendment rights, he’s strong on the Constitution, he’s really sticking up for what we as Americans believe in, he’s down to Earth, he’s a guy that we can get excited for in the White House,” Graber said.