Giving Back this Break


Anna Roemerman and Corbin Nguyen

With the holidays fast approaching, many students have been getting into the holiday spirit by volunteering around Iowa City. Many of these students are involved in Interact Club, which focuses on finding volunteer opportunities for students.

“[In Interact] you get to sign up to volunteer for things and have fun,” Sasha Chapnick-Sorokin ‘17, Interact’s chapter president said. “You can try out a bunch of different volunteer opportunities, but eventually try to find a continuous volunteer activity you really like, whether that be at a nursing home, political, really anything.”

Interact Club is an international program that has multiple chapters throughout the United States. It is a branch of The Rotary Club and it encourages kids ages 12-18 to get involved in their communities and volunteer. Through this club, students have found volunteer opportunities ranging from baking and delivering cookies to dressing like elves to assist children while they meet Santa. These events have helped students meet new people both in their school and out in their community.

Volunteering has a ton of benefits,” Chapnick-Sorokin. ”Most importantly, you get to help people in your community and make a difference, but it’s also a great way to network and meet people.”

If you’re interested in joining Interact, they meet every Thursday morning at 8:15 in room 1414.