ICCSD Releases Thought Exchange Results


Art by Estie Dillard

Sofie Lie, Executive Editor

The ICCSD has released a summary of the results of two surveys, from spring (2,582 participants) and fall of 2016 (1,679 participants), respectively. The surveys, the first of which gauged community attitudes in regards to the ICCSD, and the second of which gauged community attitudes in regards to Iowa City-wide education, sought to measure levels of inclusivity, school climate, student accountability, and elective choices available to students.

The results of the ICCSD-wide survey, categorized by school, are organized to reflect participants’ thoughts as to what schools are doing well, and what they need to improve. City High was noted for its school pride, maintained campus, and air conditioning, but criticized for racial bias and large class sizes, among other things.

To participate in forthcoming surveys, community members can contact the ICCSD via email ([email protected]) or phone (319-688-1000). The thought exchange results can be viewed in their entirety here.