HoloNet News – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Released


Disney released the first official teaser trailer of Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi on Friday, April 14th as part of the annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida.

The trailer shows Rey appearing to be training on the island where she finds Luke. We hear Luke say, “Breath.” A few more shots of the Island and Rey go by. Luke asks Rey, “What do you see?” Rey responds with “Light.” The scene immediately cuts to Princess Leia. In the background, we hear a whispered version of “Help me Obi-Wan.” Rey then says “Darkness.” The scene cuts to the destroyed helmet of Kylo Ren, while we hear a whispered version of Obi-Wan saying “Seduced by the Dark Side.” Rey ends with “The Balance.” The scene switches to what appears to be a Force tree with a dusty old book with the symbol of the Jedi on it. We hear a whispered voice that appears to be Yoda, though it’s hard to make out what he says. A gloved hand runs over the dusty book.

We see a ship hit the ground and bounce up along other low flying ships that are headed towards what appear to be a groug of advancing AT-AT’s. It’s been rumored that the ships are laying a red smoke screen for advancing resistance forces. The scene cuts to to Finn who appears to be in a medical pod. It cuts again to Poe and BB-8 who are frantically running to their X-Wing but and explosion stops them. The Millenium Falcon swoops in to shoot a TIE Fighter. Rey and Kylo Ren are both shown with their lightsabers, when Luke says, “I only know one truth…” The scene cuts to a hooded figure kneeling next to R2-D2 while Captain Phasma and First Order Troopers walk out of a burning building. The scene cuts to a space battle with TIE Fighters fighting X-Wings. The screen goes black the cuts to Luke standing on the edge of a cave. Luke finishes his earlier statement, “…the Jedi must end.”

That is where the trailer ends. This movie looks very promising. Luke’s final statement has lead meany to question if Luke is a “Grey Jedi” a Force user who is neutral in the force.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi releases December 15, 2017.