Parents, Community Members, and Bananas Attend Art Show

Parents, Community Members, and Bananas Attend Art Show

Mira Bohannan Kumar and Zoë Butler

This trimester’s City High Art Show was kicked off, as per usual, by the sudden arrival of an abundance of bananas.

The regularly occurring display is to allow students to present their pieces, invite members of the community to experience the variety of art styles and expressions present, and celebrate the end of the trimester.

“It gives kids some ownership and the possibility of a little moment of pride in their work,” Dan Peterson, one of the City High art teachers, said, “[as well as] feedback and the positive environment that the art show provides.”

Millie Garcia ‘21, a student whose work was featured, enjoyed the process of creating and displaying the art.

“I really liked it because Mr. Peterson…gave us a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted…and this show shows that,” Garcia said. “It’s nice to know that a lot of people could come see it and get to interpret it in different ways.”

The art show is open to family members and adult friends of students, as well as the Iowa City community as a whole.

“We invite them because we are excited to show off our program and show what we do in our room out to the community and get the community into our room whenever possible, through visitors and special guest speakers,” Peterson said. “It’s all about communication.”

“Our daughter Rocio has taken Advanced Photography this tri and we wanted to see her things, and we enjoy seeing everybody else’s things as well,” Rosa Rodriguez said. “It’s interesting to see the creativity that people manifest at a young age.”

“It’s good for parents,” Patrick Stejskal affirmed. “It’s encouraging.”

The art show lasts throughout the day and turnout includes different types of people from the community. “All of our students spend their class period here, as their art show experience–some students are here for 3 classes a day–but then of course we have parents, brother and sisters, we have administration, we have friends who have graduated, outsiders coming to check out the work,” Peterson said. “And it’s been really positive.”

This trimester there were a few differences in the art show from shows past. One of these was a change in the art room’s staff. “It was different this time because Michael Close is gone,” Peterson said. “He had a baby and I did [the set-up] mostly myself…it’s a lot of work. And it’s a lot of fun. But it’s hard. I guess I just feel good that it happened.”

It did happen–and by some accounts to a more impressive scale than before. “It seems like there’s more works to look at,” Stejskal said, “and no matter what, there’s always something that’s pleasantly surprising.”

“I feel like our program is growing,” agreed Peterson. “There’s more art, and it’s a…high caliber.”