Student Senate Recap: Photos and Procedures

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

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The meeting began with the introduction of an official, standardized procedure for meetings, a simplified version of the Robert’s Rules of Order, establishing an order and organizational system of Senate business within meetings.

Committees presented: the dance committee, led by Zoë Butler discussed tickets, ticket sales, and posters. The Can Drive started on Saturday, November 25, and will continue over the course of the next few Saturdays at the 1st Ave Hy-Vee and in the main foyer. Lottie Gidal ’19, the head of the Can Drive, is still looking for volunteers. The Open Mic Night committee head, Eric Thomas, presented on availability of the Little Theater and possible dates for the event. Finally, President Teagan Roeder ’18 discussed fundraising possibilities, like a bake sale, a dinner to benefit our school’s and other schools’ Student Senate programs, or other methods of generating revenue for the Senate.

Maya Durham ’19 reported on the progress of the charging stations mandated by the Senate and the Executive Board.

The Student Senate photos will take place after school on Wednesday, December 6 in the main foyer.

The Senate meets every Wednesday morning in room 3311 at 8:15 am. To learn more, contact Mr. Tygrett, the primary faculty advisor, or attend meetings, which are open to all students.