Thirteen Musicians Accepted Into SEIBA Honor Band

Mina Takahashi, Feature Editor

On January 7th, hundreds of band members auditioned for the SEIBA Honor Band. Out of these musicians, eleven were accepted into the band, and two students were accepted into the jazz band.

Flute player Megan Bywater ‘19 was one of the eleven accepted musicians.

“A lot of time, practice, and repetition goes into preparing for honor band auditions,” Bywater ‘19 said.

It is Bywater’s third year trying out and making the honor band.

“I didn’t expect at first that I would get in, but I felt pretty confident going into the auditions,” Bywater said. “It was  a little bit scary, but I  had done it before so it wasn’t too bad.”

The SEIBA Honor Band concert is on Saturday, January 20th at West High School.

Accepted Band Members:

Megan Bywater, Lindsey Parrott, James Lippe, Justine Reschly-Krasowski, Caleigh Stanier, Nolan Vibhakar, Noah Kabat, Grace Parrott, Rika Yahashiri, Renee Thomas, Joseph Bennett

Alternate Band Members:

Julia McReynolds, Sofia Merulla

Accepted Jazz Band Members:

Kolbe Schnoebelen, Levi Pugh