GLOW Club to Hold “Love Is Love” Dance

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

City High’s annual dances—Homecoming, prom, the winter formal—are well-known to the student body. But this spring, a new dance has been initiated by the GLOW club.

“[The theme is] ‘Love Is Love,’ to represent that everyone is welcome,” said GLOW president Xeniphilius Tyne ‘20.

The proceeds from the dance, which will take place around Valentine’s Day, will go to efforts to aid LGBTQ youth.

“A lot of is just the opportunity to raise money for the Trevor Project,” Tyne said of the motivation for the event.

The Trevor Project, a nonprofit which has been active for two decades as of this year, is “an organization that helps LGBTQ youth with suicide and provides a suicide hotline and education and volunteer opportunities for allies or other members wanting to help LGBTQ youth,” Tyne said.

Tyne also mentioned that it’s easy for LGBTQ individuals to feel underrepresented or marginalized at most events, citing misgendering and heteronormativity in Homecoming or prom election proceedings. However, the GLOW club’s objective with the dance “isn’t raising awareness of students in the school who are LGBTQ and making them feel more accepted,” Tyne clarified. “It’s more of actual organization.”

The dance will be held on Saturday, February 24 from 7-10 pm in the City High cafeteria.

UPDATE 1/22/2018: The date of the dance has been changed from February 10 to February 24.