Film Fest Preview

Robert Strang, Reporter


“Day in the Life of Chip” by Daphne Knoop

The title says it all: it’s a day in the life of everyone’s favorite hall monitor Chip Hardesty.


“Shrek in Real Life” by Ethan Snee

Live-action Shrek.


“No, THIS is Horror” by Robert Strang and Orson Codd

A group of friends play with a Ouija board and from there chaos ensues.


“Fall of El Presidente” by Teagan Roeder

The fall of class president Teagan Roeder.


“Halo vs. Star Wars” by Teagan Roeder

A LEGO animation mixing the universes of “Star Wars” and “Halo”.


“Continuity Cowboys” by Matt Sindt

A cowboy duel full of continuity errors.


“Baseball Around the World” by Egan Smith

A compilation of baseball around the world.


“Trapping in the Stove 2.0” by Michelle Buell

The music video for the remix of the City High classic “Trappin’ in the Stove”.


“Interviewing Immigrants” by Jacob Strathearn

Jacob Strathearn goes around interviewing immigrants.


“Live to Experience” by Phong Ngyuen

A short film about travelling.


“Benny” by Lucy Rood

Short videos about a cute dog.


“Por Que?” by Grace Whitaker



“Jimmy Dancing” by John Momberg  

A compilation of senior, James Momberg, dancing.


“Marcus Theater Intro” by Rylee Zuniga

A parody of the George Marcus theater intros.