Winter Wonderland

City High students attended the winter formal dance on Saturday, December 8


Rachel Livio ’21, Lauryn Varo ’21, Allison Ribble ’21, Zoe Stanhope ’21, and Kay Sieben ’21 pictured before the dance.

Millie Garcia, Reporter

Colored lights danced across the ceiling and the hallways glowed with fake snow. Music reverberated through the room.

Students who attended the Snow Ball were pleased with how it turned out. In many ways, students enjoyed the dance and its laid back atmosphere.

“I thought [the Snow Ball] was really fun. There weren’t a lot of people because everybody was saying, ‘No one is going to be there, so I’m not gonna go,’ but that kind of made it better because at Homecoming, there were so many people. At Homecoming, it was hot and you couldn’t really walk around,“ Erin Liebig ‘22 said.

City High’s annual Snow Ball returned on December 8. The dance was put on by Student Senate with help of chaperones. Brady Vanlo ‘18, a City High alum, was the DJ for the dance. When students bought tickets, they could write down a music request. These songs were included in the DJ’s lineup.

“The music was awesome, the DJ was really good, and we all just had a good time. They played ‘Dancing Queen’ and it was so awesome! This was my third time going and it’s always a fun time because there’s always less people so it’s less overwhelming,” Rachael Volkman ‘19 said.

Before the dance, the student senate was not sure they were going to sell enough tickets to profit. Announcements at lunches and over the intercom convinced more students to attend. Over 130 people ended up going to the Snow Ball Saturday night, which was a big relief to the student senate and and their budgeting.

“Our total profits after expenses ended up being about $1200, which is great because now that is more money that we can give back to the clubs at this school. We can make time for fun events and a lot of smaller things that we have to pay out throughout the course of the year,” Lottie Gidal ‘19, senior class president, said.

In previous years, the music at City High’s dances has been seen as a hit or miss, but there was positive feedback from this year’s Snow Ball.

“I like this dance more [than previous years]. I thought the music…compared to Homecoming was better and compared to last year was better too. It was really fun with just my friends being there.” Volkman said.