Recycling Club Seeks Responsible Recycling

Shoshie Hemley, Reporter

Sticky mountain dew cans soak already graded homework make up the contents of the average recycling bin at City. However, Recycling Club wants to change that.

One of the main problems Recycling Club has been facing is that people have been putting things in the wrong bins and not cleaning out their bottles. The special education students are the ones who take out the recycling every Thursday, and when students and teachers alike don’t recycle properly, it’s the special education students who have to deal with it. They have to sort out the bins and touch sticky bottles.

“Don’t [push] this responsibility onto your classmates,” Rachel Volkman ‘19 said. “You need to think beyond just your step.”

The money from recyclables that have a monetary award, such as aluminum cans, goes to the students to go bowling and have pizza parties.

The Recycling Club wants people to start taking responsibility for their waste.

“It’s your classmates dealing with the mess you make, think about your actions,” Lottie Gidal ‘19 said. “If we can work together to make things better for everyone, that would be great.”

The students of Recycling Club believe that recycling is important due to the current environmental status of the Earth.

“I think it’s really important especially right now even more so than it was five years ago,” Volkman said. “If people are willing to put in the effort and put in the time it’s easy.”

However they can’t do it alone. Not only do they need the help of students, but also the help of teachers to enforce recycling in their classrooms.

“You always have teachers that need a little more encouragement,” Volkman said. “Teachers need to be involved a little more than they are.”  

The students of the Recycling Club are three seniors, Rachel Volkman, Naomi Meurice, and Lottie Gidal. They have made a video to hopefully increase participation. They are looking to increase numbers in younger students to carry on their legacy.