“Love is Love” GLOW Dance Promotes All Forms of Love


Emme Perencevich

Glow club hostss dances and club meetings for LGBTQ students and anyone supporting LGBTQ issues.

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Reporter

The “Love is Love” dance took place Saturday, March 9th with music, dancing and just hanging out with friends. The dance ran by the GLOW (Gay Lesbian Or Whatever) club was meant for love in all forms.

“It was better than last year,” Phil Tyne ‘20, GLOW club’s president said. “I feel like everyone actually enjoyed themselves.”

The members of GLOW club, which meets Mondays after school in Mr. Balcaen’s room, worked hard during the weeks leading up to the dance to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

“I helped sell tickets and set up for the dance beforehand and I helped take it down,” Lila Roach ‘21 said.

This year dance took place in the cafeteria, but it will most likely take place in the commons in future years, as the cafeteria is very big. However, the atmosphere at the dance wasn’t affected too greatly by the large space.

“It was pretty chill, it ranged from people in dresses and heals to people in sweatpants,” Tyne said.

The money raised from ticket sales goes to the club fund, which has been set up as a way to raise money for GLOW club to participate in different types of activities.

“We’re going to a Governor’s Conference in April,” Zola Kovach ‘21 said. “It’s like an LGBT conference [with] a bunch of speakers.”

In past years, GLOW club has been a bit disorganized, which has made planning dances and other club activities difficult.

“It definitely felt [like more people] were actually enjoying it because last year it kind of felt like there were some people who were just kind of, like, confused as to why they were there,” Tyne said.

Assuming the presidency during his sophomore year, Tyne was able to bring the club together, making it possible to organize events like the “Love is Love” dance, which promotes love in any form.