More Metal, More Wells

City High’s Interact Club is Selling Reusable metal straws to support Walk for Thrive.


Julianne Berry-Stoelzle

Michelle Tran-Duong ’19 selling reusable straws in the main foyer.

The chiming together of metal straws filled the main foyer. Starting this week, City High’s Interact Club has been selling reusable metal straws during lunch to support the Walk for Thrive organization.

“One part of me thinks of selling these straws as a way of helping raise money for those who need access to clean and fresh water, while the other part of me thinks these straws is one closer step to helping eliminate the excessive use of plastic straws,” Michelle Tran-Duong ‘19 said.

Interact Club had been contacted by West High’s volunteer club to help support this organization which works to help build water wells in rural areas of Africa.

“They asked us if we wanted to help them fundraise to give our proceeds to the organization,” Tran-Duong said.

The idea of selling metal straws came from interact leader Tran-Duong. The idea was a perfect fit because of its connection to drinking water.

“I thought it would be a good fundraising ‘item’ because many people are switching to reusable straws now,” Tran-Duong said.

Interact Club have been selling straight and bent straws for two dollars each. They sold 30 straws within the first two days and hope to sell another 30 by Friday.

“If people keep wanting straws, we will try and sell more the next week!” Tran-Duong said.