Serving it Up


Rachel Meehan and Tracey Cirillo

City High Volleyball celebrates after defeating West in the Battle for the Spike on August 27, 2019.

Natalie Green and Rachel Meehan

As the new school year starts, fall sports are in full swing and City High’s volleyball team has their sights on the State Volleyball Championships. City High’s volleyball season has a strong returning roster and a powerful group of underclassman.

“We have a couple [of] new people on the team this year, so right now we are just trying to figure everything out and trying to improve every single day,” Lindsey Bolton ‘20 explains. “We’ve been putting in a lot of extra effort during practices and outside of practices and if we keep working it’s going to pay off eventually.”

Leadership on this team is not only visible on the court and during practice, but can be seen in their personal lives off the courts. The leadership of this team is not just found in their seasoned seniors it can also be found in the enthusiastic underclassmen.

“I really look up to the other setter Michaela Ribble ‘22, she really puts in the extra effort every single practice, every single point,” Lindsey Bolton ‘20 said. “I’ve never seen anybody hustle like her and her positive attitude is amazing.”

With a mix of young energy of the underclassman and experience of the veteran varsity players, this mix of girls brings new energy to City High Volleyball. They have never given up when their workouts got hard or when they have faced loses. Through these trials, they have learned how to bring excitement and fun into their season.

“Their approach to a game, a practice, and a match, they are pretty easy going. They are able to adapt and have shown that.” Head Coach Tricia Carty, said, “We have a lot of fun, but we work really hard at the same time.”

Tricia Carty, the team’s Head Coach, is focusing on improving the team’s skills both mentally and physically. The team has already felt difficulties in the season, last year starter Brooke Boreman ‘20 is not able to play this season due to medical problems. But that hasn’t stopped this team from setting their team goal to a high height.

“We want to once again set our sights on the state tournament” Carty, said, “We have been focusing a lot on various elements of the game between physical, mental, [and] emotional.”

With hope for the season ahead, the team is planning on growing together in their skill and their friendship.

“People come up to me saying, ‘You look like a team, you act like a team, we feel like you are a team,’” said Bolton. “That’s something really special that not every team gets.”