The Battle for the Boot: West High @ City High – Senior Night

Gametime: 7:30 Senior Night: 7:00 Bates Field


Madelyn Hellwig

Drew Owen, Mohammad Abdallah, Josh Poe, Josh Honson, and Kolbe Schnoebelen include some of the seniors for the Little Hawks

Aaron Stalkfleet , Reporter

Iowa City West @ Iowa City High 

Battle for the Boot



City High: 2-6

West High: 3-5 


7:30 P:M Bates Field 


Game Preview:

City High takes on West High in a crosstown showdown for the Boot. City High looks for their first Boot win since 2015. Meanwhile, the Little Hawks are coming off a tough home loss to Linn-Marr while the Trojans are coming off a 17-16 win on the road against Muscatine.

The 10 seniors for the Little Hawks include: Tonka Hickman: Josh Poe: Josh Honson: Kyle Clark:  Mohammad Abdallah: Jackson Ernst: Maisha Sila: Denaro Smith: Drew Owen and Kolbe Schnoebelen.

Players to watch:

City High:

QB Raph Hamilton JR: 50/109 (45.9%) 701 yards passing   14 yds/comp 3INT:2TDs  

QBR 100.4        87 rushes for 289 yards   3.3 yds/carry 3 TDs 


RB Tonka Hickman SR: 151 rushes for 689 yards   4.6 yds/carry 10 TDs


WR: Gable Mitchell SO: 17 Rec for 184 yards   10.8 yds/catch 1 TD


West High: 

QB Marcus Morgan JR: 134/219 (61.2%)  1603 yards passing 12 yds/comp 4INT:10TDs

QBR  134.1         69 rushes for 171 yards  2.5 yds/carry 2 TDs


RB Tyuss Bell JR: 59 rushes for 269 yards     4.6 yds/carry 1 TD


RB Marchaun Hoover SR: 68 rushes for 190 yards   2.8 yds/carry 1 TD


WR Grahm Goering JR: 38 rec for 529 yards   13.9 yds/catch 5 TDs 


WR Tate Crane SR: 39 rec for 516 yards    13.2 yds/catch 4 TDs